2008 NFL Power Rankings for Week Eight

J.J. McDermottCorrespondent IOctober 22, 2008

J.J. McDermott, NFL Columnist at Fantasy Football Maniaxs

Week Six may have been the week for the underdogs, but Week Seven has continued that trend! Teams like the Cowboys have begun to fall in the rankings, while teams like the Falcons have surprised most and risen in the rankings, but all that can be said is that this season of football has been unpredictable and exciting! Now, without further with ado, on to Week Eight’s Power Rankings.

32.  Bengals  0-7

The Bengals are 0-7 and have now lost their rookie linebacker for the remainder of the season. With Carson Palmer still out, will the Bengals pack it in and place Palmer on injured reserve?

31.  Lions  0-6

After falling in the hole early against the Texans, the Lions battled back on Sunday and came up short. They now face the daunting task of trying to win a single game the remainder of the season against teams that are near .500 or better. With the No. 1 pick of the 2009 draft, the Lions take...

30.  Chiefs  1-5

The Chiefs first had to deal with Tony Gonzalez wanting a trade out of Kansas City, now they are forced to deal with Larry Johnson and his never-ending drama once again. The Chiefs once again were manhandled on Sunday and have only scored more than 14 points just once this season.

29.  Seahawks  1-5

Everyone has an off year, but even in one of the weakest divisions in the entire NFL?  So much for leaving on the top of your game, Mike Holmgren.   

28.  49ers  2-5

The 49ers tried to keep it close but, once again, the turnover bug bit them on Sunday. After Sunday’s loss against the Giants, Mike Nolan was fired midway through his fourth season as head coach. The Rams have gone 2-0 and the Raiders 1-1 since firing their head coaches this season; now can the 49ers follow in their footsteps?

27.  Raiders  2-4

Tom Cable has done his research in Oakland and Sunday, he proved it in their win over the Jets. Cable’s idea of finding what his team does best and stick with it worked to perfection against legend Brett Favre and his Jets.

26.  Rams  2-4

Out with the old and in with the new. Jim Haslett’s Rams have now gone 2-0 since firing Scott Linehan. They beat the heavily-favored Cowboys by a boatload but suffered a setback when running back Steven Jackson was injured before game’s end.

25.  Browns  2-4

After an upset over the Giants a week ago, the Browns came up just short of pulling another upset against the Redskins in Week Seven. Unfortunately, the Browns could not keep star tight end Kellen Winslow’s mouth shut, as he will miss the next game against the Jaguars after damaging comments made toward the Browns' organization.

24.  Dolphins  2-4

The 2007 Dolphins got their only win that season against the Ravens. In 2008, there is a much different conclusion. The "Wildcat" formation was shut down by one of the league’s best defenses, as the Dolphins fell in Week Seven. Things will not get easier for the Dolphins, who face a red hot Bills team in Week Eight.

23.  Texans  2-4

The Texans beat up on the helpless Lions in Week Seven to win back-to-back games for the first time in 2008. Matt Schaub and the Texans team have woken up and are fighting to hit .500; they will have some help when they face the winless Bengals in Week Eight.

22.  Saints  3-4

With Marques Colston and Jeremy Shockey back in the lineup, there are no more excuses for the Saints, right?  Wrong. The Saints were demolished Sunday; beat by division rival Panthers, 7-30. Now the Saints must fly to London to play the Chargers and come home to the United States to play two more away games against the Falcons and Chiefs.

21.  Vikings  3-4

The Vikings' special-teams unit was atrocious and assisted in Sunday’s loss to the Bears. What also did not help the Vikings were Gus Frerotte’s four, I repeat, four interceptions on the day. Will the Vikings poor play leave Brad Childress on the hot seat in Minnesota? The Vikings have a bye this week but have a chance to redeem themselves against the Texans in Week Nine.

20.  Chargers  3-4

The Chargers are a textbook case of inconsistency this season and have fallen in the power rankings. The Chargers do have the talent, but do they or do they not want to dominate in the NFL? Their next two matchups are against teams below .500, so we will see if the Chargers come to play in the coming weeks.

19.  Jets  3-3

Welcome to New York, Mr. Brett Favre! This past week has not been one for the record books for the Jets' newly-acquired legend. Favre had three fumbles and two interceptions against one of the league's worst teams, the Oakland Raiders.

Furthermore, there are plenty of rumors regarding Favre and his previous team, the Packers, as well as the Lions. Favre and the Jets will have their chance to redeem themselves this week when they take on the 1-5 Chiefs.

18.  Ravens  3-3

The Ravens' defense shut down the “Wildcat” formation and the rookie Joe Flacco had a good showing, as they steamrolled over the Dolphins in Week Seven. Now back at .500, the Ravens are given a chance to continue their string of luck against the Raiders, Browns, and Texans over the next three weeks.

17.  Colts  3-3

A week after making it look easy against the Ravens, the Colts played horrible football against the Packers. Peyton Manning threw two interceptions, and unfortunately for the Colts, both interceptions went back for touchdowns. Things are not going to get easier for the Colts, as they now have to face the Titans, Patriots, and Steelers over the next three weeks.

16.  Jaguars  3-3

After a well-needed bye week, things are looking up for the Jaguars. Their next three games are against some of the league’s worst teams, including the Browns, Bengals, and Lions. After a slow start, the Jaguars now have the ability to go 6-3 come Week 10.

15.  Eagles  3-3

The Eagles were given a bye week in Week Seven and the good news is that Brian Westbrook’s ribs are said to be improving and wide receiver Kevin Curtis should finally make his first appearance of 2008. The Eagles will be in need of a healthy Westbrook and Curtis against the young and surprisingly good Falcons in Week Eight.

14.  Packers  4-3

Did the decimated secondary hurt the Packers in Week Seven? Absolutely not! The Packers played solid, all-around football to beat a respectable Colts team. The Packers will be looking to continue their current luck over the next few weeks with games against the undefeated Titans, as well as the Vikings and Bears.

13.  Broncos  4-3

Week Seven was a week the Broncos would like to forget. The Broncos committed five turnovers on Monday Night Football against the Patriots. The defense is still a cause for concern after giving up three touchdowns to Matt Cassel and 138 rushing yards to Sammy Morris in just the first half. This week, the Broncos are blessed with a bye week to pick up the pieces and get healthy.

12.  Cowboys  4-3

Are the stars burning out in Dallas? The Cowboys have lost three straight games after Sunday’s collapse against the Rams. The Cowboys are lacking leadership, a secondary, and most of all, steady quarterback play. 

11.  Bears  4-3

The Bears won a shootout on Sunday against their divisional rivals, the Minnesota Vikings. What is more impressive is the fact that the only three losses the Bears have had in 2008 have been by three points or less in each contest. The Bears have a bye in Week Eight but come back in Week Nine to face a winless Lions team. The Bears can very well go 5-3 in the first nine weeks of the season.

10.  Patriots  4-2

The Patriots almost blanked the Broncos in Week Seven, but with every win comes a price. The Patriots added Laurence Maroney and Rodney Harrison to the injured reserve this week. The Patriots look to keep the momentum against a possible Steven Jackson-less led Rams in Week Eight.

9.  Falcons  4-2

Without having to lift a finger in Week Seven, the Falcons have flown into the top 10 for the first time this season. The surprise of 2008, the Falcons will have their toughest task against the blitz-heavy Eagles in Week Eight.

8.  Cardinals  4-2

Kurt Warner will need to exercise his ball-handling skills this week against a tough-as-nails Panthers defense. Coming off a bye week, the Cardinals take on the Panthers and Rams on the road over the next two weeks. Will they continue up the chart on our rankings?

7.  Panthers  5-2

After losing big against division rival Buccaneers, the Panthers put the beating on another rival, the Saints in Week Seven. After an impressive win, the Panthers will take on the red hot Cardinals in Week Eight, followed by two possible easy-win games against the Raiders and Lions. 

6.  Buccaneers  5-2

After back-to-back, Jeff Garcia-led wins, the Buccaneers look to continue their luck on the road against the fallen Cowboys and Rams. Even with his current success, will Jon Gruden stick with the veteran Garcia for the remainder of the season at this rate?

5.  Redskins  5-2

After a tough loss to the Rams in Week Six, the Redskins almost blew it again in Week Seven against a struggling Browns team. Hopefully for Redskin fans, their team will not drop the ball against a winless Lions team in Week Eight.

4.  Bills  5-1

The Bills played great all-around football on Sunday to defeat a tough Chargers team. Trent Edwards played to perfection and did not show any signs of his concussion from two weeks prior. The Bills will now face two mediocre teams in the Dolphins and Jets to see if they can go 7-1 thus far in 2008.

3.  Steelers  5-1

The Steelers made it look way too easy in their dispatching of a still winless Bengals team in Week Seven. Mewelde Moore has continued to impress when called upon for the Steelers, but they will face their ultimate task, playing the world champion Giants in Week Eight.

2.  Giants  5-1

The Giants bounced back after a devastating loss in Week Six to put a beating on a weak 49ers team in Week Seven. The downfall being that the 49ers team will be their easiest matchup for the remainder of the season. Coming up next for the world champions are the Steelers, Cowboys, and Eagles.

1.  Titans  6-0

There is nothing like being undefeated, then having to travel and play one of the worst teams in the NFL. The Titans dominated the Chiefs from start to finish on Sunday. The "Pillsbury Doughboy," LenDale White, scampered for three touchdowns on the day, including an 80-yard run untouched to put the exclamation point on the Titans' sixth straight win. 

This is the way the rankings look for right now; tune in next week once again to see how your team fares!


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