MLB Prospect Update: Angels' Mike Trout and the Current Top 5 Prospects

Jed PContributor IIIJune 2, 2011

The MLB is filled with great prospects who are possibly the future MLB stars, some can be the next Albert Pujols and some can be a disappointment. 


1. Mike Trout, OF

ETA in MLB: 2012

He's got command and knows how to play the game, he is willing to do almost anything to improve himself and is already arguably a No. 1 prospect. He is a extremely fast runner who can swipe 50 in a season and overall he has a ton of tools inside the box.

Overall he has a lot of potential a huge upside, and has a 30 homer, 30 stolen base season possibility. The only flaw that Trout has is his arm isn't great, and could afford to get better.

Trout is up and coming, as of the beginning of last he wasn't even a top 50 prospect. Though his average increased to .362 in single-A affiliates and .306 in high-A affiliates. Now, some he is compared to be like Torii Hunter or better.

Basically, he can almost do everything. He is also swinging less at bad pitches and improving in patience in the batter's box. He is a type of hitter who could enter the Hall of Fame.  The Angels really got a nice gem on this one.


2. Bryce Harper, OF

ETA in MLB: 2013

Bryce Harper. He has strong and quick hands, he is very aggressive and is a future star. Harper, who in the Arizona Fall League, posted a .343 BA and keeps on getting more powerful. He also runs surprisingly well for his size and is very aggressive on the bases.

Harper was recently pick No. 1 in the draft, as he signed a 5 year contract and got up to a 9 million dollar bonus. Harper made his professional baseball debut in the Washington Nationals’ Florida instructional league, where he batted .319. He is compared to Chipper Jones. 

He has the ability to play multiple positions: right field and catcher. Right field is new to him, but once he gets used to it, he will be a solid outfielder because of his strong right arm. 


3. Jeremy Hellickson, RHP

ETA in MLB: 2011

Hellickson was drafted by Tampa Bay in the 4th round of the 2005 MLB draft. Before this year, Hellickson didn't get noticed much because David Price was the main prospect in their organization, but now he is a top three prospect. Hellickson is a known strikeout pitcher. Coming out of last year he averaged 9.8 strikeouts per nine innings, and only 2.1 walks, but he isn't MLB ready yet, and that could be a problem at the age of 24.

It's almost certain that Hellickson, also known as "Hellboy" will be a stud in the MLB, but will he be able to quickly get used to the MLB?. As of now "Hellboy" is doing just fine he has 6 wins and lower than a .3 earned run average.


4. Julio Teheran, RHP

ETA in MLB: 2012

Teheran, has many great aspects. He is a great fastball pitcher, has a good breaking ball with fantastic velocity and excellent control. It is also a good thing he is a Braves affiliate, because the Braves pitching staff isn't very young. Teheran could even be their ace by the start of next year, given the fast pace of his development.

His changeup and curveball are also both quality offerings. This gives him a 3 pitch combo which is very good for a minor league prospect and could soon make him a top. He also has a great effort for the game and I am very excited to watch him play.


5. Eric Hosmer, 1B

ETA in MLB: 2011

Hosmer, who is currently on the Kansas City Royals, is a true beast. He is a hitter with great contact and decent speed. He is currently developing more every day and slowly becoming a star. His power isn't terrible, but it isn't great. It looks like Hosmer fits perfectly on the Royals' team. 


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