Musings Of An Unknown Wrestling Fan

Lamar BoltonContributor IOctober 22, 2008

Let's get the ball rolling with a birthday shout out to Stacy Keibler who turned twenty nine yesterday.

Defiantly check out the leggy beauty in this months Maxim magazine. She has a photo spread in there and is also the cover girl. If there’s one thing I always said, you can surgically enhance a lot of things, but you can’t enhance forty-one inch legs.

Big news out Tuesday, a WWE superstar that has been a important part of one of RAW’s main storylines was suddenly released.

Lance Cade was given his release on Tuesday and nobody is remotely saying why. They split up a good tag team so that they can give this guy a singles push. Then don’t really push him and end up dumping him. Ladies and gentlemen, WWE creative hard at work giving you what you want. No wonder the ratings for RAW are all over the map. Jim Ross has been talking around the whole thing like it’s a top secret and all they’ll say is that he made a serious mistake and it caused him to have a seizure on a plane.

Lately there has been a lot of chatter about Christian and how much longer he’ll be with TNA. The feeling is because of the clean loss he had at Bound for Glory, that he’s been slowly phased out of the process. If the WWE doesn’t jump on him with both feet they're stupid. He has proven that he can run with the top guys. They will need something for Edge to do when he gets back have Edge bring him back in and then turn on him. The WWE isn’t in any position to let him hang out there when they’re trying to pump up a TV show on a new network.

Staying with TNA, there have been some back stage changes on the creative side.

The road agents are being given more say in the layout and the finish of matches. Jarret will always have the final say as to who wins or loses. Having the talent work it out between themselves and an agent helps the wrestlers have a say in how things go. This is something that the WWE should really start doing themselves. With the success of the HBW, Y2J feud pretty much proves that at least some of the talent work out the matches themselves.

The Diva’s have done it again. In a silly pole match in which big pink fuzzy dice where on top of the pole. Now I like Maria, and she has improved her in ring skills, but come on! Where the hell is Gail Kim? Let's at least get McCool a decent foe.

And now we come to the prediction part of the program. I did pretty good last time so I think I’ll give it a try again.

First up is Kane versus Rey Mysterio and the options are a two out of three falls, falls count anywhere, or a no holds barred match. I’m going with Kane in a no holds barred match. I have serious doubts about Rey’s health and I hope he gets through this okay.

Next up is Matt Hardy who will defend his ECW Belt against one of three wrestlers: Mark Henry, Evan Bourne or Finlay. I think that this is the end of the Mark Henry, Matt Hardy feud and I think Hardy will focus on a leg on Henry and break him down.

Next up is the IC championship when Santino Marella has one of these three potential foes:Roddy Piper, Gold Dust or the Honky Tonk Man. You can scratch Honky because of something he did to his finger at appearance a few months ago. Piper is too old and I'm not sure his health is all that good. So I think the Golden one will take on Santino and the Honky tonk man will get him DQ when he hits Santino over the head with a guitar.

There is a choice of tag team matches that I hope will jump start the tag team situation. Priceless puts up its world tag team belts against CM Punk and Kofi Kingston, Miz and Morrison versus Cryme Tyme or Jamie Noble and Mickie James versus William Regal and Layla.

I got to say for a PPV, you got to have a belt involved so I’m picking Kingston and Punk in a DQ over DiBiase and Rhodes.

Then of course you got a bunch of women in skimpy costumes for the Diva costume contest. I'll say Maria wins to create as much heat between her and Michelle.

Since the Casket Match between the Under Taker and Big Show won't be until Armageddon, the stipulations for the match they will have at Cyber Sunday will be a knockout match, a I Quit Match, or last man standing match. Given the Undertaker’s health, I say that taker gets knocked down but sits back up more then once and ends up putting down the big Show.

The World Championship is on the line and choices are for the special guest referee . Randy Orton, Shawn Michaels or “Stone Cold” Steve Austin which brings up a problem. Odds are HBK is going to win so why is Austin even there? You know he’s not doing it for nothing. Granted his new movie is about to come out and he needs to promote it but let's face it, Austin doesn’t do Vince any favors, especially free ones, there has been talk that this is a start to a run up to Wrestle Mania in which he might wrestle so I guess it's wait and see till then. I say Austin is the ref and he ends up stunning every one in the ring.

Last but not least HHH has a title defense against either Jeff Hardy, Vladimir Kozlov or both of them in a triple threat match. I have no idea how this one is going to play out but I think that it will be a triple threat and somehow HHH wins.

In closing, Cena is about to be cleared to returned and so is Orton so Raw will be up to full strength soon. Lets hope that helps the ratings.