UFC News: BJ Penn Is Hopeful for UFC to Host an Event in Hawaii in the Future

Mike HodgesCorrespondent IJune 1, 2011

The Ultimate Fighting Championship's international expansion into foreign territory has generated a lot of success for the promotion over the past couple of years.

And if UFC lightweight BJ Penn has his way, the company could be making its way into his homeland in the near future. 

Penn was recently featured in a news report conducted by Hawaiian News Now, and the Hilo native said his dream of fighting in Hawaii couldn't happen sooner rather than later.

"Our Governor, Neil Abercrombie, wants to bring the UFC down. He's willing to do whatever it takes, and I think now, maybe, they're just looking for a venue," Penn told Hawaiian News Now.

However, Penn's active pursuit of bringing mixed martial arts to Hawaii would happen without some problems along the way.

He said one the problems is there is no venue to host the event, and with Hilo being of the few places to law a stadium, it makes it difficult to host an event.

In the meantime, Penn is set to open up a UFC-based gym in the immediate future, likely set for January of 2012.

The gym, which will carry Penn's name, is an opportunity the UFC veteran decided to venture into because he said the gym would serve as an outlet for the community and for kids who take an interest in the sport. 

"It seems like they really want to do some work and help the community, get kids in there," he said. 

Penn, who is currently sidelined with an injury, last competed against Jon Fitch at UFC 127