" Cyber Sunday;Triple Threat Main Event "

Lamar BoltonContributor IOctober 22, 2008

At the WWE Pay Per View event this Sunday , one of the big main events is a match that pits three of Smack Down’s highest profile stars against each other. Cyber Sunday is the PPV that is suppose to be interactive show that let s the fans decide the opponent, kind of match, or any stipulation that may be involved in the match. This Sunday it will be HHH defending his WWE championship against either Jeff Hardy, the Russian Vladimir Kozlov , or both of them in a triple threat.

Based on the push that the Russian has been getting over the past few weeks. They have to be banking on the triple threat angle. While I don’t personally agree with pushing him so hard so early, its being whispered backstage that Vince really likes the big Russian. This coupled with the fact that no one on the Smack Down Roster generates more pop then Jeff Hardy, I’m sure that it will be a three way dance. Son in law CEO has his work cut out for him

If you look at it three way wise, HHH will use his two opponents against each other to try and wear them both down. He already has a rocky alliance with Hardy that is mainly built out of in ring ability. The problem with that is in ring respect will only get you so far .Hardy will have to stay away from the power of both men and especially the rock hard head of the Moscow Mauler. The head but of Koslov has put down both HHH and Hardy. In the end, HHH and Hardy will find a way to get Koslov out of the ring . Then Hardy will be going for the Swanton and the Russian will trip him of the top and HHH will get the win.

If it should come out that the fans want HHH and the Russian , this one will end in a DQ. They both will fight long and hard going out their own deliberate pace. Then the Russian will do something that will anger HHH enough to pull out his old friend , the sledge hammer. Since the belt can’t change hands in a DQ, HHH keeps the strap.

Last but not least, should the WWE universe want a straight up match between Hardy And HHH, well this one would be the best match of the three. Both men operate at very different speeds. The main thing in picking a winner in this one is who can adapt better to the pace of the match. In the end the Russian will get involved and Hardy will send HHH into Koslov’s head but . A quick swanton and the new WWE Champion will be Jeff Hardy.

I may be totally wrong, but mark my words, elements of what I just discussed will come out at the match this Sunday.