What Were They Thinking?: Five of the Strangest Hockey Matches Ever

Miah D.Senior Writer IOctober 22, 2008

I ran through this little story today, which I believe is one of a kind. Well, I hope we don't see that happen often!

In hockey, there are always some unusual events, especially those happening during games. If you have any, please feel free to share them with us.

Still, my top five of the strangest things I have heard or read happening during a game include:


The Best Fans Ever

We are in February 1974. The Vancouver Canucks are hosting the New York Islanders.

Apparently during a short break, three ladies from the stands jumped on the ice and started skating in front of both benches.

The cherry on the sundae, if you allow me the expression, was that the three women were wearing nothing other than, well, their skates.

The three Eves finally reached the stands and got into a taxi cab waiting for them outside the arena. Lucky driver!

Babe Pratt was covering the game at the time. It seems he had been kind enough to the gentlemen watching the game to broadcast replays during breaks...in slow motion!


That's a Hot Goaltender

This story is a little less funny, but it deserved the pick for one of the most unique events ever.

Abie Goldberry was a goaltender for a Junior team in Quebec in the 1930s.

During a game, a flying puck hit him. This is no regular save, I am telling you. 

The puck ignited matches that Goldberry had in his pocket, setting his uniform on fire.

His teammates eventually managed to put it out.


With or without Pepperoni?

Early 1977. Robert Picard is drafted by the Washington Capitals.

An agent reportedly offered him a much higher paid contract with the Quebec Nordiques, which Picard also signed.

As the Capitals organization protested, Picard simply answered that he'd rather deliver pizzas in Quebec City than play hockey in Washington.

He eventually returned to the Caps.

His first game was in Quebec City, facing the Nordiques. As soon as he got on the ice, the fans started to throw slices of pizzas at him!


Please Officer...This Is a Misunderstanding. Don't Take Away My License!

We are in 2005, in New Jersey. John Peragallo is arrested for drunk driving.

An employee reported to the police that he was driving fast, almost crashing his engine. The 63-year-old man had an alcohol level 0.04 percent higher than the legal quantity.

He later admitted that he had a vodka and a beer, before taking two pills of valium as he got to work.

This wasn't any usual case of DUI—since Peragallo wasn't going to crash anywhere other than...into the boards!

Indeed, he was driving the Zamboni!  


And Demers Scoooooores!

1979. A Sunday afternoon classic, featuring the Quebec Nordiques and the Edmonton Oilers.

Quebec Nordiques head coach Jacques Demers realized that he couldn't dress the minimum authorized number of players, as most of his roster was dealing with numerous injuries.

Finally, as the game began, 15 players were dressed on the Nordiques bench. Fifteen, including Jacques Demers  himself, who had to sign a tryout contract as a player with the team to be authorized to play.

The coach finally stayed behind the bench, as Buddy Cloutier's three goals and two assists led them over the Oilers in a 7-2 victory.


(picture: generalcomics.com)