2008 NFL Season: Unpredictable, and Defying The Laws Of Football Physics!

Michael FosterFeatured ColumnistOctober 22, 2008

Every 3-5 years it seems, there is a dominant team or two in the NFL. These teams are favored week in and week out in every game they play. Now, I know the NFL sn't College football. The NFL thrives on its competitive nature, but there always seems to be those select few teams that dominate. In the 60's it was the Packers. In the 70's, the Steelers. Early 90's you had the Cowboys. Since 2000 the Patriots, Colts, and recently the Chargers have fallen in that blood line.

However, this season, those dominant teams have not surfaced. As a matter of fact, the Patrios, Colts, Chargers, and Cowboys have all struggled way more than people would have ever anticipated. On the other hand, numerous teams have taken center stage, and lets be honest, nobody saw it coming.

The Tennessee Titans are 6-0? Is that a typo? They have been decent, but they sit pretty atop the AFC South above teams like Indianapolis and Jacksonville, who were both marked as Super Bowl contenders. Both the Colts and the Jags sit at a lackluster 3-3. The Titans are lead by a quarterback who is definitely over the age-hump. They are lead by a tailback who was labeled as "way too large!" Can anyone name a Titan wide receiver? I cant. Without style points, they just keep winning. Considering the Titans are ranked #1 on numerous power polls, it is clear the tide has changed. I mean, compare the 6-0 Titans to the 6-0 Patriots of last year. The Patriots, at the time, were shredding defenses for nearly 50 points per game, and looked like USC. All of a sudden we've got a team that cant even make a highlight real, at 6-0? Wow!

Guess whos leading the AFC East, in front of the New England "Dynasty?" The Buffalo Bills!? Buffalo is 5-1, with a young quarterback most people havnt even heard of in Trent Edwards. The guy's from Stanford. How about the Washington Redskins, who are 5-2 above the Dallas Cowboys in the NFC East. The Arizona Cardinals (no you arent reading this wrong) are running away with the NFC West! Where did the Seahawks go? Werent they projected to win the NFC by a handful of people this year? Seattle is sittin' pretty at 1-5 (and the Washington Huskies arent doing much better at 0-6, sorry Seattle residents).

And the NFC South, where most people would have picked the sexy-pick Saints, is instead currently in a three way tie with Tampa, Carolina...and...wait? There is four teams in the division right? Oh! The Atlanta Falcons!!! Are you kidding me? The Falcons were ranked #32 on everyones power poll this year, and they are 4-2. Our "Super" Saints on the other hand, are at a dismal 3-4.

The league has become a relentless game of King-of-the-Hill. San Diego has a losing record. The Vikings are 3-4, even though most saw them being the 3rd best team in the NFC this year. The Cleveland Browns, who claim the wind has changed in the AFC north every year, are 2-4.

And then here's some fantastic information, the Bengals and Lions, two teams who were projected to hump the hurdle and have breakout seasons, are both win-less!!

This year has been truly unpredictable to this point, and I honestly cannot even give you a projection of what the playoffs will look like this year. The amount of competition and upsets, has been truly remarkable to see. If someone told me Vince Young would be missing from the Titans lineup for 5 weeks, I would throw a red flag and tell you they aren't going to win a game. The Titans, instead, are 6-0. This all defies the laws of football physics! Seriously!