Wait a Tick These Patriots Are Good?

Chris DyerContributor IOctober 22, 2008

Something has happened in New England.

People have realized the 2008 Patriots are good.

But wait!!! (See below!)

Tom Brady - Gone.

   Laurence Maroney - Gone.

      Rodney Harrison - Gone.

This is the type of adversity that should be kept to Hollywood thrillers, yet here we are living it every Sunday (Monday..Thursday...). It is enough to leave many fans wondering

    ... what next?

     I will tell you what is N E X T.

The Patriots will go 10-6 or better and win the East...   (Sorry Bills fans,  I have the Bills going 5-5 from here out)


Heres why -

1. Defense, Defense, De-fense (French for "The Fence")

Monday I saw: Hard hitting, gang tackling, aggression and passion and an exudation of pure DESPERATION.

The Pat's spit in EYES of the Bronco's (big Vince did his signature Eye Jab ... I LOVE the U!)

In the NFL is all about forcing turn overs, and when you have talented players giving 137.12% (complicated formula) effort and playing like theres no tomorrow - you have the current New England Patriots D. 

2. Touchdowns (aka Apollo 13 minus eating own vomit)

   Field goals are fun if its January 19, 2002 and you about to beat the hated       Raiders in the snow (by the way was wasn't it weird to cheer for the Raiders last week? Oh wait. i was cheering AGAINST the J-O-K-E-S- JETS! JETS! JETS!)

 Nice to see Pat's putting up sixes almost at will (Get the Viking man - scary -  endzone season tix please)

3. Run Game (See also, Chariots of fire)

  Marone Dog is OUT!?! (That draft class is like Jerry Jones - it is just barely   hanging on - who is left besides Maroney at this point? B U S T)


       If this BenJarvus Green-Ellis kid is the real deal, and he appears to be a hard hitting downhill type guy (guess hes been watching Lamont & Morris)  we will have one of the most diverse backfields in football.

-Mrs. Green-Ellis: "BenJarvus its Canton on the phone, they say you are a LOCK after one game against a terrible Denver team!!!!"-

       Heres how it plays out: Morris & BJGE for a change of pace, KF as one of the best 3rd down backs in the league (ever?) and the Patriots Papelbon "the Closer" LaMont Jordan.

Also, lets go into the settings and TURN OFF injuries.

Thats all for now.....

                            Looks like we are going all the way.