Bleacher Report NFL Power Rankings: Week Eight

Shaun AhmadSenior Analyst IOctober 22, 2008

Bleacher Report writers come together each week for the NFL season and decide on who belongs where for the “Bleacher Report NFL Power Rankings.” Writers vote teams up or down to come up with an unbiased, no-bull, to-the-point ranking system. 

The four-digit numbers beside each team are computed based on votes and show readers just how strong each team’s position is. Want to know how close your team was to being ranked in the top five, or how far ahead they are of the next guy? Simply look at the difference in the numbers to find out.



Not too much changed in the top 10 this week, other than Dallas and Denver getting the boot down to the lower teens and 20s.  It’s becoming clear that both teams were overrated and that their offenses cannot consistently make up for what their defenses’ lack. 

The Giants and Steelers square off on Sunday for what is, hands down, the game of the week, and perhaps the game of the year, up to this point. 

ESPN and Fox Sports don’t like each other very much and at this point, it’s starting look like the Packer faithful and Brett Favre don’t like each other much either. For those who don’t know, Fox’s Jay Glazer came out with a report that Favre spent time going over signals and calls with the Lions before their game against the Packers. 

ESPN refused to report on the story, citing it as a false report. Fox was miffed and stands by their report. Now they hate each other more than before.    

I saw some articles today talking about how Jay Glazer of Fox Sports is participating in character assassination of Brett Favre and ruining his legacy. 


Brett Favre has single-handedly decided to stomp away whatever good was in the hearts of Packer fans by everything he has done/said over the past 10 or so months.  This is just, potentially, icing on the cake. Whether the allegations are true or not, and keep in mind—Jay Glazer is USUALLY right—it will be interesting to see if that Favre Jersey Retirement ceremony ever happens. This ESPN vs. FOX battle is also entertaining. 


To the rankings!

1 (1) Tennessee Titans (.9737) – People need to stop knocking the Titans’ because of their schedule. Yes, they have played relatively easy teams thus far, but they’ve done what they needed to do; win. That’s more than I can say about other teams…ahem…Dallas, San Diego, Minnesota…..Dallas. (Shaun Ahmad) 

2 (2) Pittsburgh Steelers (.9018) - They are pretty much in cruise mode with their only loss coming outside the division—outside the conference for that matter. (James Senbeta)

3 (3) New York Giants (.9002) – As you can see, the Giants narrowly finished third to the Steelers. I predict the gap between the two teams will be much greater—one way or the other—after they square off Sunday in Pittsburgh. (Shaun Ahmad)

4 (5) Tampa Bay Bucs (.8564) - The NFC South and NFC North are waging a civil war to see who can be more inconsistent. (Alex McVeigh)

5 (4) Buffalo Bills (.8319) - Due to a power outage, I am unable to bring you coverage of this ranking. (Ray Bogusz)

6 (6) Washington Redskins (.7993) – The 'Skins’ offense seems to be suffering from a hangover after the big wins in Dallas and Philly. Fortunately, Detroit awaits. (Shaun Ahmad)

7 (7) Arizona Cardinals (.7215) - They are expected to get Bolden back after the bye, so look for all cylinders to fire in Phoenix. (James Senbeta)

8 (10) Carolina Panthers (.7187) - Another enigma. Stinking up the joint one weekend, holding Brees to almost nothing the next. (Alex McVeigh)

9 (20) New England Patriots (.7033) – Predicting where the Pats will be ranked is like guessing how the stock market will do on any given day. Last week, the Pats were dead and Belichick was overrated. This week, they are a top 10 team and “back in the hunt.”  Find a middle ground people! (Shaun Ahmad)

10 (18) Green Bay Packers (.6811) - Who would have thought, seven weeks in the season, Aaron Rodgers would be the No. 1 quarterback in fantasy leagues everywhere? I don't see any hands up. (James Senbeta)

11 (17) Jacksonville Jaguars (.6519) – To make the playoffs, you have to score more than your opponents throughout the season. Last year, not a single team made it without having a positive differential. The Jags are down four points through six games. Just a thought. (Shaun Ahmad)

12 (14) Philadelphia Eagles (.6132) - McNabb can say they should win as many games as they want, but a 3-3 record (including 0-2 against the NFC East) speaks for itself. (Alex McVeigh)

13 (19) Chicago Bears (.5770) - Four interceptions by the Bears' defense led to an offensive explosion. This team is eight points away from being 7-0. (Jordan Schwartz)

14 (13) Atlanta Falcons (.5352) – The fun part of the season is probably over for the Falcons. Reality will likely set in with games against the Eagles, Saints, Broncos, Chargers, Bucs, and Vikings all in store.  (Shaun Ahmad)

15 (8) Dallas Cowboys (.5218) - Why don't they just call this the Cowboys Football League? After the spotlight on the ESPN and Fox Sports NFL pages, the halftime of both Sunday and Monday Night Football halftime shows, just make it official already. (Alex McVeigh)

16 (11) Indianapolis Colts (.5113) - The Colts' offense better get things together in a hurry, unless they want to be the second straight team to embarrass itself on Monday Night Football. (Jordan Schwartz)

17 (15) New Orleans Saints (.4877) – Three must win games in a row await the Saints (Chargers, at Falcons and at Chiefs). They have to win those games and get to 6-4 if they want a shot at the playoffs. (Shaun Ahmad)

18 (23) Baltimore Ravens (.4719) - The Ravens are solid, and with Joe Flacco having arguably his best performance yet, this team may start to climb the rankings. (Ken Sheehan)

19 (12) San Diego Chargers (.4387) - Too much talent to be this far down, but when the Bills make you look like a MAC team, that's what you get. (Alex McVeigh)

20 (15) New York Jets (.4246) - Quick stat: The Jets are 1-3 in their regular uniforms but 2-0 in their throwback jerseys. (James Senbeta)

21 (9) Denver Broncos (.3990) - That was kind of embarrassing. With a bye this week, look for Shanahan to get his team to rebound against Miami after the bye. (Ken Sheehan)

22 (21) Minnesota Vikings (.3698) - It's time to think about which quarterback you'll draft. (Ray Bogusz)

23 (28) St. Louis Rams (.3002) – Never in my life have I cheered harder for the Rams than I did last week. Haslett has this team focused, and after beating the 'Skins and Cowboys two weeks in a row, confidence is looming large in St. Louis.  Watch out.  (Shaun Ahmad)

24 (25) Houston Texans (.2598) - Well, maybe they cracked the top 25, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. (Alex McVeigh)

25 (24) Miami Dolphins (.2415) – It’s official; the Wildcat offense has been tamed. (Shane Howard)

26 (22) Cleveland Browns (.1982) - Apparently Derek Anderson and the Browns' offense haven't turned the corner just yet. (Jordan Schwartz)

27 (29) Oakland Raiders (.1904) - Could JaMarcus Russell finally be ready to be a big name QB? I didn't think so either. (Alex McVeigh)

28 (26) San Francisco 49ers (.1490) - Mike Nolan is now the best dressed unemployed coach. (Shane Howard)

29 (30) Kansas City Chiefs (.1108) - That was an embarrassing loss, and with Larry Johnson deactivated and two quarterbacks injured, this team is about to enter a free fall. (Ken Sheehan)

30 (27) Seattle Seahawks (.0877) - They can’t travel to the East Coast and they can’t win without Hasselbeck. This team’s defense needs to man up and start carrying them. (Ken Sheehan)

31 (31) Cincinnati Bengals (.0613) - If the Bengals and the Lions had to faceoff, I'm picking the stripes over the mane, nine times out of 10. (James Senbeta)

32 (32) Detroit Lions (.0216) - In this crazy season, it's nice to know some things never change. The Lions are always horrible. (Alex McVeigh)


Biggest Jump: The Patriots are UP 11 spots (20th last week to ninth this week).

Biggset Drop: The Broncos are DOWN 12 spots (ninth last week to 21st this week).


A special thanks to all those who participated, and will continue to participate in the future. Also, a sincere thank you to Angel Navedo for providing the picture used in this article.


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