Fans Always Win!

Leo DonelonCorrespondent IOctober 22, 2008

Sounds crazy, but it's true! It is the teams that take our thoughts off the problems of life! While we watch or talk about our teams, troubles like gas prices, jobs, sickness, and war are forgotten. The problems have not gone away because they will be there after the game.


Those moments that we watch, and hope, and believe in the team, are a precious vacation from the troubles. It is why we will go to a game before evacuating for a hurricane. After the game, we will tackle it for the fan like his team is very competitive with a will to win! It's not a desire, but a need to overcome challenges. It is not escapism, because we honor one of our heroes Pat Tillman for doing a truly courageous act, a patriotic act, instead of football.


Yes, the fan always wins because there is next year, and there will always be a next year! There will always be that next big recruit or draft choice. He will always be seen as the one piece we need to be better than we were. When the team looses, we always believe we will win the next game.


To be better than we were is the underlying statement! Every true fan knows it intimately in his heart! It's what drives us and what pushes us. It is what we want for our teams. It is really what we want for ourselves. It is also why the fans always win. It is what it is to be an American.


The team was once great and could be again. This is in the soul of every fan! This is what drives a fan. Our desire to return to Camelot! This is why we will leave a stadium with our voices drained. The climb to the top doesn’t seem impossible once you’ve been there with your team and this time maybe your team will be even better. It is why when that big problem of life comes along, we’ll beat it, and we know we will, just maybe not how. The fan always wins!


The fan always wins, because we are in it for the long haul! We win because the teams we pick say something about us, whether they come from the bayou, the plains of the mid west, or the west coast.


The fan always wins because the fan will always be with their team in his/her heart, and it is why our teams love us.