WWE Fans: Does Vince Mcmahon Even Care About the Internet Wrestling Community?

Ricky AKA The JokerCorrespondent IMay 31, 2011

The Internet Wrestling Community is basically all of us that love WWE so much that we discuss it on the Internet.

Now, somebody posted an interesting comment on one of my articles saying that the IWC is only 10 percent of WWE fans and that they don't matter to Vince McMahon or any of the writers.

Even though it's kind of harsh, isn't it true?

Think about it, many members of the IWC currently hate Orton, Cena, and somewhat Rey Mysterio, yet these are the top three faces in the WWE right now.

The fact that the IWC hates on these men doesn't mean that they don't get cheered, in fact all three of them, even Cena sometimes, get huge pops from the crowd.

Many of the IWC members love Christian yet Vince doesn't see him as a top guy and because of that, Vince booked Randy to basically steal the World Heavyweight Championship from him two days after his emotional win.

Of course the IWC backlash was bad with Orton and Vince getting hate Tweets, but Orton's still the champ and Christian's probably back in the mid-card scene.

Daniel Bryan, John Morrison, and Zack Ryder are all loved by majority of IWC fans yet we don't see them as anything other then mid-carders, and in Ryder's case, low mid-carder.

CM Punk, another IWC favorite, is probably one of the best talents in the WWE right now, yet he hasn't been in the main-event scene for quite some time.

John Cena, easily one of the most hated superstars in the IWC, has been in almost every main event for about 5 years now.


Because he's great for the business, his merchandise itself brings WWE a whole bunch of cash. Even though his gimmick is stale to the IWC and older WWE fans, it doesn't matter!

Vince doesn't really care about the IWC because he thinks about the money. Let's face it Cena, Orton, and Rey bring in lots of money.

Every week, you'll see at least one article or slideshow on the IWC coming up with changes on how to make WWE a better product.

How many of those changes do we actually see in WWE programming?


Even though Vince is the genius that made WWE the company it is today, I think he should listen to what the IWC wants at least once in a while.