WWE: Kharma's Disappointing Departure

Tom Clark@tomclarkbrFeatured ColumnistJune 1, 2011

A funny thing happened to Kharma on the way to WWE Superstardom.

On the May 30 edition of Monday Night RAW, wrestling fans the world over waited with apprehensive anticipation, at the impending announcement concerning Kharma’s future in WWE. The truth is, we all knew what the story was.

The unexpected news broke last week online, that Kharma would be out of action, effective immediately, for nine months. It was not long before the average pro wrestling fan did the math, and realized that she was probably pregnant.

Obviously, fans are happy for her. I have a two-year-old son at home, and he is the biggest thing in my life. I for one hope she has a happy, healthy baby.

But, the selfish response from nearly everyone who read of the news came almost instantaneously.

“There goes her push.”

It was unknown, at least in my mind, whether or not Kharma would indeed be given every opportunity to succeed in WWE.

After all, her previous employer was TNA, and Vince McMahon is not exactly famous for promoting a worker who gained fame in that company. So, the jury was out in regards to her future in WWE.

Her debut in WWE was big, as she came out week after week, and destroyed any Diva who was in her path. She attacked indiscriminately, never saying a word, only breaking into a maniacal laugh after it was over.

I was intrigued. I thought, yes, this looks pretty good. Maybe WWE will do right by her after all.

But, as soon as it began, it’s now over. At least for right now.

I have to say, that when the moment finally came that Kharma was standing in the ring, mic in hand, I was a little anxious. How would she sound? Would she merely growl out a few words through clenched teeth, and then walk away?

For that matter, why was she going to speak at all? Whose idea was it to take the most dominant female since Chyna and reduce her to being merely human?

When she spoke, I was surprised at how…normal, she sounded. Gone was the scowl, the simmering rage that put had put so much fear in the eyes of Kelly Kelly weeks before. Kharma went from being a physically imposing monster to being very normal.

I am a little disappointed in how this was handled, especially when I saw the Bella Twins come down to the ring. After all, these two together could not command an ounce of the interest and hype surrounding Kharma in WWE.

First off, no one has ever gotten than physically close to Kharma without getting her head took off. By having the Bellas nonchalantly walk down the ramp, and enter the ring with suddenly no concern for their own well being, made Kharma look weak.

I understand that as heels, the Bella Twins would take advantage of the fact that Kharma could not retaliate, because she is pregnant. But, if that is the case, then why did they flinch when Karma lunged at them?

The Bella Twins should have stayed on the ramp, out of respect for Kharma, and in obvious recognition of the fact that while she cannot physically do much, her fists still work.

Instead, the two took turns insulting Kharma and her unborn child. WWE’s time-honored tradition of allowing a heel to get one up on a Superstar leaving due to physical injury was definitely being utilized here.

Kharma left the Bellas with a stern warning, got out of the ring, and walked away for a year.

That was that, and while the spot accomplished what WWE wanted it to, I am personally just not happy with it. I suppose, however, that there was really no other way to do it.

After all, how do you let the world know that one of your newest performers is pregnant and due to be out for an extended period of time, without just letting her say it? Perhaps there truly was no other way.

But I cannot shake the notion that WWE has taken a worker who was seriously getting over, and ripped away the very thing that made her different than every potential opponent she would ever face.

Stone Cold Steve Austin was one of a kind because he didn’t care and did what he wanted. He had no fear, and no weakness.

But, when his then wife Debra was acknowledged on the air, I was floored. Why would they give Austin an obvious soft spot, a way for any heel who had the nerve, to target the Rattlesnake?

The Undertaker’s biker gimmick was over in a big way, and his character had taken a new direction, with a new look. But, what had not changed was his attitude, his infamous stature as the toughest big man who was the master of ring psychology, was still intact.

That was, of course, until Diamond Dallas Page came in and was revealed as the man who had infiltrated Taker’s inner sanctum, following the Deadman and his wife Sarah, secretly videotaping them. A chink in the armor had been discovered and exploited.

It looks as though the same has been done in Kharma’s case. Again, the question becomes, what other choice did they have?

The spot left Kharma in a good light with the fans, and gave a nice little preview at what was to come when she returns next year, all in one fell swoop.

WWE has tied up the loose end for now, thus allowing the Divas to get back to the business of entertaining fans everywhere with their thrilling matches and exciting storylines in the ring.

Man. This is going to be a long year.