WWE Capitol Punishment: 10 Things I Want To See at WWE's Next Pay-Per-View

LewisAnalyst IIIMay 31, 2011

WWE Capitol Punishment: 10 Things I Want To See at WWE's Next Pay-Per-View

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    Hey Bleacherholics,

    I've had some trouble with my laptop lately, so was unable to produce this slideshow earlier. Luckily, my supply of WWE television hasn't been affected.

    I'm going to run down 10 things I want to see happen at WWE's newest extravaganza and with the apparent R-Truth and John Cena segments on this past RAW, I'm happy to see that WWE is content on pushing Truth and his new-ish persona.

    So sit back and tell me your thoughts on the 10 things you're about to witness.   

Zack Ryder on the PPV Via a Segment

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    I'm down with Zack and Primo,

    Loving being a part of the Zack Pack,

    Digging the reformation of Zack and Curt

    Loving viewing Zack Ryder each and every Monday Night RAW in a backstage segment.


    We all know he isn't going to wrestle, but I want to see Zack Ryder backstage doing a skit on a pay-per-view.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Kofi Kingston for the 1,004th Time

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    These two put on great matches. Just this past Monday Night RAW, they put on a decent match on television.

    Shame that I felt I've seen this match a thousand times...

    Why do WWE continue to rehash old rivalries? Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler vs. Kofi Kingston both happened last night. Both excellent matches, but I don't want to see Old SmackDown stuff being produced as new RAW stuff.

    WWE continue to imitate the old, but they have great alternatives already in front of them...

    I've been wanting Jack Swagger to be or have a feud over the United States Champion: A feud could center around his goal of becoming an All-American American United States Champion.

    Or what about Evan Bourne holding onto a second-tier title?

Randy Orton Against Anyone Except Sheamus

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    As much as I've thought it, I'm not keen of Orton matches, but the short feud of Sheamus and Randy Orton felt even worse...

    I just feel they shouldn't go at it any time soon, and this Friday we will see Sheamus having a shot at Orton's gold...

    Feels like an episode of RAW...

Christian (If Not Included) Has a Significant Part...

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    Shawn Michaels drops the ladder onto Razor Ramon...

    Mick Foley flies of the cage...

    Edge spears Jeff Hardy in mid air...

    These are just some of the moments off the top of my head that stick out in WWE history. The picture above, for me, is rated highly on the list also.

    If Christian is not in the World Title match, I hope he gets involved.

    By the way, Teddy Long let Christian in the main event match of SmackDown last week because the "fans" wanted it, so why didn't a triple threat match take place when Orton had a similar moment? 

The Corre Gets a Decent Showing

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    WWE messed up the "new" Nexus and indeed messed up the Corre.

    Big Zeke literally took out Wade Barrett (once viewed by some as a main eventer), Justin Gabriel (someone who looks to be the next biggest underrated star in the future) and Heath Slater (the future Veteran)...

    Big Zeke made these guys look like chumps, and in all honesty it seems WWE don't have any feelings for the Corre. Hopefully Wade Barrett can get a clean victory on the next pay-per-view.

Alex Riley vs. the Miz: A Feud Which Was Booked All Wrong

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    I say this because it has been booked wrong.

    I feel WWE should have made us beg for Alex Riley to be separated from the Miz.

    In my world, I would have booked this like the following:

    Miz keeps Riley as an "assistant" until SummerSlam. At that event, a match finally takes place in which if Alex Riley wins, he is no longer an assistant, but If Miz wins Riley is forever his assistant. 

    From now until SummerSlam, WWE should have kept Miz pushing and frustrating Riley...

    Hopefully, WWE can save this feud by keeping it going until SummerSlam, and at Capitol Punishment, we can still view the Miz as a decent upper card figure following a victory.

No Kharma for the Divas...

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    With Kharma being pregnant, the Divas division is back to square one...

    I see Kelly Kelly winning the Divas title at Capitol Punishment, or perhaps I just wanted a reason for posting her photo.

Sin Cara Works Another PPV Match with a Guerrero

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    Finally Chavo Guerrero is being viewed as a pro wrestler and no longer a comedic figure.

    Their match at Over The Limit had a few minor botches, and Sin Cara still needs a Spanish speaker to help him through the WWE style.

    Hopefully, Sin Cara picks up the English language quickly so we can see more of his Lucha Libre offense against others.

R-Truth Gets a Title Shot Against John Cena

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    With Alberto Del Rio, The Miz and CM Punk viewed highly as the the RAW's top heels, I feel slightly different. 

    I'm hoping R-Truth gets a legit chance at being a main event heel. Many of you may start bashing me, but hear me out...

    Alberto Del Rio is locked in for a SummerSlam match against "Mr. WWE" John Cena.

    The Miz is dropped down helping out Alex Riley.

    The only tricky person is CM Punk. I like CM Punk, but purely because CM Punk has already had the shot at the top and because he is thought to leave soon, R-Truth should get a pop at Cena first.

    It seems Rey Mysterio and CM Punk are going to reignite their feud for the time being, which leaves R-Truth a spot at the top.

    Besides, who isn't entertained by R-Truth and his "conspiracy" theories? 

    R-Truth-John Cena hopefully takes place at Capital Punishment

Jim Ross?

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    A long shot, but we can all dream...

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    Before an editor removes this slide, this picture is relevant to wrestling. It's WWE Diva Maryse....

    We all love ASSets, but at least make a comment first.

    Thanks for reading. Hope you don't feel like it was a waste of four minutes of your time.