Super Bowl XLII: Why the New England Patriots Will Roll

nick bowenCorrespondent IJanuary 21, 2008

When discussing the New England Patriots' first half of the season, we used words like "uncontainable."

Then during the second half of the season, age and fatigue made an impact, and people started to say the Patriots pulled off this season solely on luck. 

Despite the setbacks, people are forgetting one thing—the Patriots are making a tradition out of winning.  As far as a record goes, they are perfect. 

Another aspect that is frequently forgotten are Tom Brady's options.

Think of it like this:  If Randy Moss is covered, he has the choice to throw to Wes Welker.

If their both contained, what about Donte Stallworth?

If somehow he is covered as well, its either Benjamin Watson or Kyle Brady.

Then again, there's always Kevin Faulk to throw to.

What teams need to start doing is pressuring Brady—however this is complicated because of the monstrous offensive line.

But even if opposing defense protect against the pass, it's time to get the ball to Laurence Maroney—who, in the past couple of weeks, has proven to the nation that the Pats do have a running game.

On offense, opponents have to get through not only the Pats' front three, but Adalis Thomas, Mike Vrable, Tedy Brushci—and, of course, Junior Seau.

Next there's the man, Rondey Harrison.  Now, what if you need to pass—as most opponents must do to stay in the game with the Pats' offense?  You will be throwing right by an amazing corner, Ellis Hobbs, and one of the leagues elite corners, Asante Samuel.

Are there any weaknesses to such a great force?  The answer: not many.