Avery after Rangers game

Dallas Stars PodcastCorrespondent IOctober 21, 2008

I'm actually really impressed with Avery's post game with the MSG Network.  I've always thought of him as a meat-head for the other teams and I said here he needs to prove he can control himself and he needs to prove he can be more than a big hitter.

I was pleasantly surprised when, in preparation for the visit to NY the Stars (or Avery directly, I'm not sure which) released this message to the NY media:

Thank you all for your inquires and requests for interviews. I also wanted to thank you guys for the great work you did in the coverage while I was here; I appreciate your enthusiasm about the team and the game in general. In my effort to focus on the game at hand, I would prefer not to do a lot of interviews so please accept this statement in lieu of full court press.
I extremely enjoyed my time in NY playing for the Rangers. Jim Dolan runs a first-class organization, the fans are as passionate and as tough as they come, and they make MSG a very special place to play and call home. I wish the Rangers all the best and I hope that they have a great season. I have no animosity towards anyone in this organization for not bringing me back; that is sometimes how things work out. On the other side of the coin, however, I am very happy to now be a member of the Dallas Stars organization. This team is one any player would be lucky to be a part of, and I think we have a very exciting and positive season ahead of us.

Then, I was more pleased upon seeing how he reacted to the Rangers' choice of himself as one of their main targets.  Although he was involved in a couple of good hits he kept to himself and did his best for his team.  No goals, no assists, but no major penalties, no game misconduct, no loud mouthing and this well spoken interview where he even talked decently about some of the more vocal Rangers who recently talked about him:

ok, maybe he didn't talk decently about Vliquette ... hah!