Dear SEC Fans: The Big 12 Is The Real Deal

Anthony ChiangCorrespondent IOctober 21, 2008

Dear SEC fans,

There is a common phrase that is frequently used in the world of sports: What have you done for me lately? This season in college football, the Big 12 has gotten the majority of the attention based on this season's performances.

This has left people like you all around the country asking the question: Where is the love?

Don't worry SEC fans, although it may look like it, we have not forgotten about you. 

Although the Big 12 has looked strong this season, we all now what your conference is capable of. 

We are just so quick to fall in love with the high octane offenses of the Big 12, you must forgive us. I mean you must admit when you think of offense the Big 12 does come to mind. Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Oklahoma State, Kansas, and Texas Tech all possess top offenses.

I know, I know, the SEC not only has top offenses, but also top defenses. I also know that you would salivate at the chance of seeing a physical SEC team play one of the pass-happy Big 12 teams.

I also know that your conference is home to the last two national champions, the 2006 Florida Gators and the 2007 LSU Tigers.

But the fact still remains, Alabama is the only undefeated team in the SEC right now. The Big 12 is home to three undefeated teams.

However, I still know the kind of talent there is on any particular SEC team. I am here to tell you, we still know just how deep your conference is. Evidence to that was seen when the Ole Miss Rebels shocked the Florida Gators in "The Swamp."

But, the Heisman is a great example that can be used to show the shift of power that is occurring. Last season, SEC quarterback Tim Tebow won the Heisman. This season Tebow said Big 12 quarterback Colt McCoy deserves the award.

Usually the SEC is the cream of the crop and hands down the hardest conference in college football. 

This season it is different.

The Big 12 is loaded this year and I am sorry SEC fans, but they are the cream of the crop.

So instead of asking: Where is the love?

Why don't you start spreading the love.


Respectfully yours,

Sports Fans