UFC 132 Fight Card: The UFC Needs Urijah Faber as Their Bantamweight Champion

Sal DeRoseCorrespondent IMay 30, 2011

Its no doubt that at UFC 132, the biggest title fight ever in the bantamweight division will take place between Urijah Faber and Dominick Cruz.

Both men have created a storyline that has helped push their title bout further into the eyes of MMA fans across the board. 

Now a night removed from UFC 130 where the bantamweight division had three bouts on the card. None of them though, were on the main card.

When the UFC acquired the bantamweight and featherweight divisions from the WEC, the UFC needed to do some marketing to help bring these smaller fighters into the eyes of casual MMA fans. None of the bigger promotions outside of Japan showcased this guys.

Now the UFC is on the verge of having one of its biggest stars from these divisions becoming a UFC champion.

Faber is the only man to beat Cruz, and he did so at 145-pounds in the first round. Now, Cruz is the bantamweight king and looking to avenge his only career loss.

If the UFC wants to market these smaller divisions, look no further then Faber. Faber is one of the most marketable MMA fighters coming over from the WEC and is known by most casual fans. In fact, he is the reason I started following MMA like its my religion.

On top of Faber's marketability, he is an excellent fighter. Faber goes out and gives 110 percent each and every fight. Faber is 25-4 in his career and his four losses have came against top competition. No one can complain about a loss to current featherweight champion, Jose Aldo, two losses to former featherweight champ, Mike Brown, and a loss to Tyson Griffin.

Faber has great striking mixed with great wrestling (20 of his 25 wins came via stoppage) and has the marketability the UFC needs to truly launch these smaller divisions.

Whatever the outcome is at UFC 132, the UFC walks away big winners with the big Faber vs. Cruz showdown in the 135-pound division's history.

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