Conspiracy Theorists, Start Your Engines: NASCAR Is At It Again

Brandon CaldwellCorrespondent IMay 30, 2011

John Darby
John DarbyJerry Markland/Getty Images

John Darby, "There was no reason for a caution!"

Okay, John. Put yourself in that 31 car. His car is spinning out of control, and he's doing the best he can to save it, because cars are still going 180 mph while his driver side door is facing traffic... and remember, no one survives a T-bone crash.

You're right John, no reason. You're absolutely right. No one's ever died in a race car. No one.

I don't know how you can live with yourselves. One day, this style of racing is going to get somebody hurt seriously.

I remember Clint Bowyer's car on its roof spinning across the start/finish line in the 2007 Daytona 500, cars doing 190 mph while Clint is on his roof. Was there no reason for a caution there too?

"We have stayed consistent with waiting and seeing if the track can be cleared before the leaders come back around." John Darby again.

Mike Bliss' car sitting at the entrance of pit road while it was out of gas was certainly a MUCH BIGGER problem then Jeff Burton's car facing oncoming traffic. I'm sure Neil Bonnett, J.D. McDuffie, and Dale Earnhardt would all agree.

And then come the fans. The "FANS" of NASCAR.

Rip the sport apart when yellow flags come out for Jimmie Johnson, but are also the same people who were jumping up and down as the 88 car was headed down the back straightaway. Can't have it both ways, people. Take it or leave it. I choose to leave it.

If you condone this style of racing, then you're promoting some VERY dangerous racing. Let's just play Russian Roulette and not race, if this is how it's going to be.

I don't care about the cars getting sideways. If everyone had saved it then so be it. But Jeff Burton clearly didn't. I'm not even inside the sport and I'm more concerned about the safety of these drivers than NASCAR is.

But if Jeff did get hurt, though, I'm sure Brian France would've gone to sleep knowing the TV ratings were up.

That's pretty sad that this is what the sport has come to. I said it, because it had to be said, and I'm sick of people saying any different.

I don't turn on the sport to see people get hurt. I'm sure Major League Baseball would not let a Yankee pitcher keep hitting all the Red Sox players in the head with a fastball just so the Yankees win.

No, only NASCAR would stoop that low.