WWE and The Undertaker: Is the Deadman's Streak Going to Finally Rest in Peace?

Hamster EnigmaAnalyst IIIMay 31, 2011

The Undertaker—a legend who was made due to his long tenure with the company and his "Streak" which basically defines a part of WrestleMania—could be on the verge of retirement after a long and illustrious career.

After battling in a gruesome match against the Game, even though the Undertaker came out victorious, HHH was the last man standing. Injuries and age seem to be catching up to him, as he fell once he was up after winning the match. The Deadman seemed mortal for a moment and him "dying" actually seemed believable.

The Deadman's fall could've been a signal for him to finally hang up his boots as his prime may have passed him. He is already a legend in his own right and his career can't be tarnished if he decides to end his wrestling career.

But if the Undertaker does end up deciding to hang up the boots, he will also put The Streak to rest. Currently 19-0, his streak is one win away from being a perfect 20-0.

Reportedly, it's being rumored that his streak will be put on the line one last time at WrestleMania 28 before he possibly decides to retire once and for all.

If this is to be true, I hope that his streak doesn't come to an end. His streak has made the Undertaker a living gimmick who was able to survive all of these years without losing respect from the crowd and with a career as long as the Undertaker's, it's quite hard to keep the fans' respect on your side.

If the Undertaker were to retire with a loss in his streak, his whole career will basically be tarnished. The Streak has been Undertaker's lifeline throughout his recent years with the company. If it were to end, the Undertaker's career will seem worthless as he would be known as a wrestler who never made his WrestleMania "perfect."

If The Streak were to end, another question would be "To whom?" Currently, no one is a proven opponent to be able to take on The Streak, especially if it is to be his final defense of it. No one is worthy to be known as the final victim or the only victor—the only ones who can are already booked for a match next year.

Sure, there are "contenders" who can be worthy if they were pushed right, but who can it be?

Currently, the heels aren't over enough to make a run at ending the Deadman's streak and I believe that it will still be that way come WrestleMania time.

If the heels can't do it, then who can? The faces? Well, they aren't established enough either, maybe even less established than the heels themselves.

So who can be a "worthy" contender? Who knows—we'll have to wait till WrestleMania is around the corner. As of now, we can only speculate.

Once WrestleMania airs, we will witness the Undertaker defend his streak perhaps for the final time; and if it is his final time, will he win or lose?

Hopefully, the Undertaker wins the match to end his career—if he does decide to end his career in the first place—because 20-0 certainly sounds a lot better than 19-1.

If the Undertaker ends his streak, a whole career, a gimmick, a legacy and an event in WrestleMania itself will end because no one can be a worthy opponent to bear the name of "The Streak-killer." Also, if the Undertaker leaves with an untarnished WrestleMania streak, then the legacy of the Deadman will continue even if he is there no longer.

The Undertaker and The Streak help define WrestleMania and if it were to be destroyed, a part of WrestleMania will also die with it.

The Streak has to end untarnished, because it can be the difference between legend and icon.

The Streak can be the only "grave to hold (the Undertaker's) body down" if it were to be destroyed.

With a dead undefeated streak comes the death of a whole career that was based on respect. Respect for the business and respect for the word "WrestleMania."

Hopefully, The Streak never dies. Not only do I hope that it remains intact for the fans and the business, but for the bearer of The Streak himself, the Undertaker.

Keeping The Streak intact will not only be a "thank you" to the Deadman but also a sign of respect for the man who has respected the business for his whole career.

Respect: It is not only the definition of The Streak, but of the Undertaker himself.