NFL Power 10: New Ranking System, Same Top Three: Titans, Steelers, Giants

Sean Crowe@CroweKnowsSenior Writer IOctober 21, 2008

After much deliberation, I decided the NFL "Power 10" needed to become more scientific.

So, between writing for every online sports publication on the Internet, (cough...Patriots Examiner...cough), I constructed a new rating formula for the "Power 10."

In the interest of full disclosure, here’s how it works:

The team's "Power 10" score is equal to their number of wins, minus their number of losses, plus their net-points (points scored minus points allowed), plus 10 times their current streak. 

Take this week’s first-place team. Their "Power 10" score is 149. That’s six (wins), minus zero (losses), plus 83 (net points), plus 60 (10 times their current streak, which is six wins in a row).

It’s not perfect, but I think it’s better than just picking the 10 teams I like the best in any given week. Let me know what you think of the new system by voting in the poll.

If you like it, I’ll keep it. If you don’t like it, I’ll probably still keep it, but I’ll eventually bow to public pressure, pull a BCS, and tweak it a little bit.


1 (1) Tennessee Titans (6-0): Power-10 Points: 149

The Titans just continue to dominate everyone in their way this season. Chris Johnson is going to be the next great NFL running back.

Strike that. Chris Johnson is already the next great NFL running back.


2 (2) Pittsburgh Steelers (5-1): Power-10 Points: 86

I will say, taking net-points into account might be a little unfair to teams who don’t get to play the Bengals. The Bengals made Mewelde Moore look like Emmitt Smith.


3 (3) New York Giants (5-1): Power-10 Points: 83

The Giants bounced back well after getting beat down by the hapless Cleveland Browns. It wasn’t pretty, but championship teams win the ugly games as happily as they win the pretty once.


4 (9) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5-2): Power-10 Points: 77

The Bucs jumped out to a 17-0 lead and then sleepwalked their way through the second half, on their way to a 20-10 victory over the Seahawks. Jeff Garcia looked like the Jeff Garcia of old, instead of an old version of Jeff Garcia.


5 (-) Chicago Bears (4-3): Power-10 Points: 57

I’m not sure what’s more shocking. The fact that their offense scored 48 points (welcome to the fantasy-football elite, Kyle Orton) or the fact that their defense allowed 41 points.

Regardless of what either point total says about their respective units, the fact that they were able to bounce back after their heartbreaking loss to the Falcons speaks volumes about this team.

t6 (-) Carolina Panthers (5-2): Power-10 Points: 56

The Carolina Panthers beat the snot out of my NFC Super Bowl pick, the New Orleans Saints. They demoralized Drew Brees, broke Reggie Bush, and knocked the Saints into last place in the NFC South. Not bad for a weekend’s work.


t6 (-) Green Bay Packers (4-3): Power-10 Points: 56

Yes, I thought the Colts would win easily. Yes, I was wrong. Very wrong. The question is, did I underestimate the Packers or overestimate the Colts?

The jury’s still out on that question...


8 (5) Arizona Cardinals (4-2): Power-10 Points: 55

Their victory over the Cowboys has a little less shine after the ‘Boys were dominated by the St. Louis Rams. That said, they’re 4-2, in first place in the NFC West, and leading the NFL in points-per-game.


9 (-) Philadelphia Eagles (3-3): Power-10 Points: 54

With the Cowboys fading faster than Sarah Palin’s favorability rating, the door is opened for the Philadelphia Eagles. They face a tough test this week against "Matty Ice" and the surging Atlanta Falcons.


10 (4) Buffalo Bills (5-1): Power-10 Points: 45

They’re 5-1, they’re leading the AFC East, they’re tied for second in the AFC, and they’re 10th in the NFL Power-10. They should move up in the next couple of weeks as they tune up for the Patriots against the Dolphins and Jets. Fair or not, their season will be judged by what happens Nov. 9 against the New England Patriots.



Dropped Out

(6) Washington Redskins (5-2): Power-10 Points: 25

A riveting 0-0 game at the half. I'm not sure who ended up winning. I fell asleep.

(7) Dallas Cowboys (4-3): Power-10 Points: -5

Jerry Jones said this week that Wade Phillips will be the head coach for the Cowboys for at least the rest of this season. The rest of the NFC East just breathed a sigh of relief.

(8) Denver Broncos (4-3): Power-10 Points: -41

The 2008 Patriots are still a pretty good team, but the Broncos made them look like the 2007 Patriots.

(10) Atlanta Falcons (4-2): Power-10 Points: 34

The Falcons were negatively impacted by the new rating system, as they dropped from 10th to 11th in the rankings. But if Matt Ryan keeps playing like he’s been playing, they’ll be back.


Bottom Three

30. Kansas City Chiefs (1-5): Power-10 Points: -114

Larry Johnson has beaten more women than he has defensive linemen this season.

31. Detroit Lions (0-6): Power-10 Points: -156

You have to feel bad for Detroit. As hard as they try, they can’t even win the title of worst team in the NFL.

32. Cincinnati Bengals (0-7): Power-10 Points: -161

No matter what rating system you use, the Bengals stink.


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