UFC 130 Results: Top 10 One-Punch Knockouts of 2011 So Far

Andrew MahlmannCorrespondent IMay 30, 2011

UFC 130 Results: Top 10 One-Punch Knockouts of 2011 So Far

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    2011 is not even halfway through and we already have 10 awesome one-punch KOs to show for it.

    We have also been treated to some amazing head-kick KOs (thank you, Steven Seagal), but please, let us not forget the one-punch knockout.

    Usually fighters notch knockouts due to an accumulation of punches, but these come from some of the lucky few who've done the job with a single throw of a fist.

    How many more great one-punch knockouts are we going to get to see this year?

    This is what we have so far.

Honorable Mention

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    Dan Henderson KOs Rafael Cavalcante

    Mark Munoz KOs C.B. Dollaway

    These victories are listed as TKOs because they followed up with additional punches and their opponent was not completely unconscious.

    But seriously, it was basically the one punch that did it. Awesome.

10. Shane Roller KOs Thiago Tavares

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    Roller followed Tavares to the ground with some more punches, but he was already out.

    It was an entertaining scrap between two highly skilled lightweights, but Roller found Tavares slacking for just a second and dropped the hammer.

9. Jake Ellenberger KOs Sean Pierson

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    Sean Pierson was fighting in front of his hometown of Toronto, Canada, but that still did not stop heavy handed Jake Ellenberger from putting him to sleep.

    Ellenberger hit Pierson with a left hook so hard that he broke his hand.

8. Brendan Schaub KOs Mirko Filipovic

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    Just as Mirko Filipovic threw one of his vaunted left kicks, Brendan Schaub countered with a perfect right hand that sent the Croatian sensation crashing to the canvass.

    Just as Schaub predicted, "Right hand, 'knockout of the night'".

7. Erik Koch KOs Raphael Assuncao

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    Going backwards, future featherweight star Erik Koch hit Assuncao with a perfect left hook that crumpled the Brazilian.

    Amazing work from a 22 year old up and comer over a former top 10 opponent.

6. Bryan Baker KOs Joe Riggs

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    I could not find a decent picture from this victory, but thankfully Bellator put the end of the fight up on Youtube.

    After dropping his opponent with a perfectly placed left hook, Baker domineeringly stands over his prey waiting until the ref finally calls a stop to the bout.

5. Jeremy Stephens KOs Marcus Davis

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    For the first two rounds Marcus Davis was putting Jeremy Stephens through a boxing clinic.

    In the third round Stephens found his mark with a wide looping haymaker that put the MMA and boxing veteran to sleep.

4. Mark Hunt KOs Chris Tuchscherer

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    Mark Hunt ended his losing streak and got back on track the right way.

    After battering his opponent for the first round, Hunt ended the fight with a single uppercut in the second, and then walked away like a boss....

3. Travis Browne KOs Stefan Struve

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    If Stefan Struve is the "Skyscraper", then Travis Browne is a demolitions expert.

    Browne bent Struve backwards, crashing to the mat, with one of the most devastatingly excellent superman punches of all time.

2. Hector Lombard KOs Falaniko Vitale

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    Vitale finally engaged Hector Lombard enough in the third round for something to actually land somewhat clean.

    It was all Lombard needed as he miraculously knocked Vitale out twice with a single punch.

1. John Makdessi KOs Kyle Watson

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    Does a spinning back fist technically count as a "punch"?

    Maybe not, but screw it, I am counting it.

    Makdessi's spinning back fast immediately knocked Watson clean out and Makdessi stood over him like an arts critic analyzing a painting in a museum.

    The fighting community agrees: beautiful.

    If only there was not some crazy Karate kick later that night, Makdessi would have had the "knockout of the night" bonus all wrapped up.