Mike GonzalesContributor IOctober 21, 2008

Every year we seem to have more and more foreigners playing the NBA. Some have reached the pinnacle of stardom, while others have been the heart and soul of the team. 

We know that the world has caught up to the US Basketball world. Most foreigners may not be as athletic as most of the players; some consider them too soft, yet they tend to shoot better, have better basic skills and some show a great passion for the game. Over the past couple of years we 2 league MVP's and Two Finals MVP that were not from the states. 

 TOP 5 All-NBA Foreign Team. 

5. Dirk Nowitzki

2007 NBA MVP. 1 Finals appearance. For a 7 foot forward he can shoot better than most of the guards in the league. Averages 23 pts. a game and shoots at a whopping 48%. He true weakness is that he is too soft and when the playoffs role around he leaves his game and leadership in the locker room.

Besides, he chokes during pressure moments and is not much of a clutch shooting during playoffs. Ever since the warriors killed their organization in '07, his game has declined. He needs to go on a different team to resurrect his career!

4. Yao Ming

If Yao was to be defined in literary terms, he would be a juxtaposition. He is a big man with a soft touch to his shot; averaging 22-10 with a 50% shooting pct. His problem is that he is too nice and is prone to injury. If he can play more aggressively and stay healthy, he can be considered one of the best BIG men to ever play his position.

3. Tony Parker

 His acrobatic lay-ups and lightening speed makes him unstoppable. On the open court he is spontaneously and daring; it pretty much is an automatic 2 pts on the break for him.  With a 2007 Finals MVP and a beautiful wife, he has everything going for him, except for a streaky jump shot. If his J can be as powerful as his speed, he will be on his way to extreme stardom!

2. Steve Nash

He is the Bob Cousy throw back, but with better shooting. Back to back MVP, He is tough and he has it all; smarts, handles, passing and scoring. Yet, he can't seem to win a conference final. His age and lack of defense is his only crime. Lets see what he can bring this year with the Diesel and Amare. He time is running out fast!

1. Manu Ginobili

The "Ultimate Competetor" as Coach Pop calls him. The truth is the Spurs were 2 bad Ginobili ankles away from going to the Finals again. He is the best shooting guard in the league behind Kobe. The Spurs can't win a championship without him. 

What makes him great is that he is clutch and a champion. He was robbed on a MVP Finals against the Pistons. Yet, he knows how to win: 


  • Italian League Championship: 2001
  • Italian Cup: 2001, 2002
  • Euroleague: 2001
  • Americas Championship: 2001
  • NBA Championship: 2003, 2005, 2007
  • Summer Olympic Games gold medal: 2004
  • Summer Olympic Games bronze medal: 2008
His only weakness is his health. If he can stay healthy, especially during playoffs, the Spurs will always contend for a championship.