NFL: Week 7 Power Rankings

Scott BarbineCorrespondent IOctober 21, 2008

1. Tennessee Titans-  There are many people who still have their doubts about the Titans even though they are the only remaining unbeaten team in the league.  This weeks Monday night game against the Colts will be a true test.

2.  New York Giants-  They responded strong after a Monday night loss to Cleveland.  Tom Coughlin has his team playing high intensity football and they'll need it next week against the Steelers.

3.  Pittsburgh Steelers-  After a complete dismantling of the Bengals, the Steelers are looking ahead to this weeks matchup against the Giants.  The winner of the game could catapult themselves to number one in the rankings.

4.  Buffalo Bills-  Who could have predicted this kind of play out of Trent Edwards?  Edwards and his Bills squad have been a real suprise early on this season and will look to continue things against the Dolphins

5.  Washington Redskins-  With Jason Campbell refusing to turn the ball over, this team will be in contention all year.  They look like a real contender.

6.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers-  Their usual stingy defensive play and the strong play of their offensive line has them atop a surprisingly tough NFC South division.  John Gruden would be smart to stick with Jeff Garcia for the remainder of the season.

7.  Carolina Panthers-  With the re-emergence of Julius Peppers and the strong running combination of DeAngelo Williams and Jonathon Stewart, the Panthers are looking to be competitive late into the year.

8.  Arizona Cardinals-  They are clearly the class of the NFC West this year and the great play from savvy vet Kurt Warner is a refreshing story.  Once they learn how to win consistently on the road they will be a very dangerous team.

9.  New England Patriots-  With that Monday Night thrashing of the Denver Broncos, the Pats look like things are starting to click.  Sammy Morris proved to be a great option out of the backfield and if the defense can force turnovers like they did, they will be just fine with Matt Cassell.

10.  Atlanta Falcons-  Matt Ryan and the suprising upstart Falcons have earned themselves a 4-2 record thus far.  They have to win games in the division if they want to be taken seriously.  They are 0-2 against division foes.

11.  Chicago Bears-  The suprising play of quarterback Kyle Orton and the steady ground game supplied by rookie Matt Forte has the Bears sitting on a 4-3 record in a wide open NFC North.  The defense can't perform like they did against the Vikings if they want to continue winning.

12.  Dallas Cowboys-  Things are going bad fast.  Wade Phillips has to find a way to straighten things out or things will only get worse.  This team is far too talented to lost three of their last four games. 

13.  Green Bay Packers-  They are tied atop their division and Aaron Rodgers looks to be a steady quarterback.  The Packers need Ryan Grant to step up every week if they want to remain competetive.

14.  Jacksonville Jaguars-  They had a rough start to the year but the schedule gets easier for a little while.  Their next three games are very winnable (Browns, Bengals, Lions) so they can find themselves right back in the thick of the AFC race.

15.  Denver Broncos-  In order to keep themselves afloat, they need to fix that defense.  By the way, what in the world is happened to the Jay Cutler we saw in the beginning of the season?

16.  New York Jets-  If they can figure out how to win on the road they will be a much better team.  They have to beware of this weeks game against the Chiefs because if they're looking ahead to the next week against the Bills, it could spell upset for Brett and the Jets.

17.  Indianapolis Colts-  It looked like they were getting things back to what we're used to until that collapse against the Packers.  Manning and the boys have to pull out a win against the Titans this week if they want a chance at the division title.

18.  Philadelphia Eagles-  Their bye week could not have come at a better time.  They are banged up and needed the week off to get healthy.  With Westbrook expected back this week, look for the Eagles offense to produce much better.

19.  Baltimore Ravens-  Other than that game against the Colts, the Ravens defense has looked fierce.  If Joe Flacco can keep the momentum he gained from last weeks win, the Ravens will be a much better team.

20.  New Orleans Saints-  This team is far too talented to be playing so poorly.  Their playoff hopes could be riding as they take on the Chargers in London this week.

21.  San Diego Chargers-  L.T. is not the same runner this season.  The defense has looked sorry without Shawn Merriman.  The Chargers are in trouble and need to get things turned around fast if they want to earn a spot in the playoffs.

22.  Houston Texans-  They've won their last two games and Matt Shaub has looked sharp in those two wins.  It's a shame Andre Johnson doesn't get more notoriety, the guy is a flat out stud.

23.  Minnesota Vikings-  They haven't lived up to their lofty expectations.  Their defense has to step up, they have way too much talent to be giving up the amount of points they are.

24.  St. Louis Rams-  Was firing Scott Linehan all they needed to do to turn things around?  The Rams have been very impressive the past two weeks and will look for a third straight upset, this time against the Patriots.

25.  Oakland Raiders-  Tom Cable seems have these guys playing with more heart.  JaMarcus Russell made some impressive throws in their overtime win. 

26.  Cleveland Browns-  I think it might be time to throw Brady Quinn in there.  The Browns offense has looked stale for the most part of the season and could use a change.   They invested too much in Quinn for him to be sitting on the bench while the team continues to struggle.

27.  Miami Dolphins-  The wildcat formation hasn't been too effective the past couple of weeks and it may be time for the Dolphins to go back to a more conventional style of play. 

28.  Seattle Seahawks-  Who would have thought their season would turn out like this?  I don't think this is the way Mike Holmgren saw his final season play out. 

29.  San Fransisco 49ers-  Will the coaching change do the trick?  Mike Singletary will bring a new energy to a club that could desperately use a spark.

30.  Kansas City Chiefs-  This team is a complete mess and their two first round draft picks, Glenn Dorsey and Brandon Albert, have not performed well at all.  They will definitely be in the market for a new quarterback next year.

31.  Cincinnati Bengals-  Is this the end of the road for Marvin Lewis?  I think both the Bengals and Lewis could each use a new start.

32.  Detroit Lions-  I wonder if Matt Millen is somewhere laughing at the fact that the Lions are still winless even after firing him.  This team is far off from being competitive and aside from Calvin Johnson and Ernie Sims, they don't have much to build on.