ECW Recap 10/21/08 Or Vote For Mark Henry

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IOctober 21, 2008

ECW wraps up it's go home show for Cyber Sunday and it's time to see if you're going to vote and order.

We open up with Matt Hardy talking in the ring.  Again, never open a show with talking.  Especially if the show is only an hour.  He discusses the options for Cyber Sunday and says that he wants to fight Mark Henry.

Finlay comes out and says that he wants the match.  Evan Bourne does the same.  Mark Henry comes out and states his case.  After all four men came out, I noticed something.  It seemed like all of them were reading from a script.

This was one of the worst promos I've seen in awhile.  No one had any charisma and the segment came off very bad.

The first match of the night sees Jack Swagger versus Brett Baderly.  They really need to move Swagger away from the jobbers.  Now that he has a story going, he should be fighting names.

This match was way to quick to even critique.  The only reason it was on was to have Todd Grisham interview Swagger about Tommy Dreamer.  Swaggers response is "Tommy Who?" before he walks off.  Swagger sounded a little strange with the delivery.  A better response would have been "Who's Tommy Dreamer?"

Backstage we get Lena Yada interviewing The Miz and Morrison.  They are finally advertising the three possible tag team matches for Cyber Sunday.  Morrison steals the segment again as he calls out Lena for staring at his abs.

Shad versus The Miz is next.  This match was very weak.  These two don't have much chemistry together and it's sad to see.  They're both entertaining to watch but they just don't mesh. 

The match ends when Morrison hits a roundhouse kick to Shad that the referee sees.  The spot came out of nowhere and makes me think that this wasn't the planned finish.

Backstage, we get Tiffany and Ricky Ortiz talking about the 31 Days of Halloween that Sci-Fi is running.  Hornswoggle comes out and demands candy.  Teddy Long comes out dressed as Shaft.  This segment was beyond pointless.  They didn't advertise any matches or push any stories with this.

The main event sees Finlay versus Evan Bourne versus Mark Henry in a triple threat match.  This match wasn't as exciting as it could have been.  Mark Henry dominates a majority of it and he works at a very slow pace.

There were several good reversals from Bourne and gave the audience something to pop for.  Other than that, the audience was almost dead.  The end sees Finlay hit Henry with the shillelagh and Bourne lands the Shooting Star Press for the win.

The entire match, the commentators were saying that the fans should vote for Mark Henry.  The WWE really is pushing for a rematch and it doesn't seem fair to Finlay or Bourne that they're coming out this aggressive with how they want you to vote.

Overall, not a good show.  Which is sad because ECW has had some very good episodes the past few weeks.  With creative telling you how to vote, Cyber Sunday is coming off as very contrived.  My rating: C+