The Australian Errors In Mohali

Ankit MunjalCorrespondent IOctober 21, 2008

Well let me just begin by saying I thoroughly enjoyed India's win over Australia at Mohali. The margin of victory is one that I would never have imagined, specially since the game was at Mohali, where the pitch doesn't take as much spin as in other parts of the country. Australia finally got a taste of their own medicine as they were completely dominated right through the match and in every aspect of the game, even the fielding.

The Australians have very much been the best team in the business for almost the last decade, and I for one can't even remember the last time they lost a game so comprehensively. So lets take a look at what went wrong for them;

1. The Team Selection

God knows why they are playing part time spinners in the team. Cameron White is by no means a front line spinner and is not really going to be a wicket taking bowler for them.

They already had an allrounder in the form of Watson, and their batting though didn't click in the game wasn't something they should have been worried about as most of their bowlers are handy batsmen too and as result they bat deep.

They have Krejza in the team a front line spinner, fair enough he didn't do really well in the tour game but it was just that a tour game and his first in India. We all know what happened to Warne in his first game and we also know how the rest of his career panned out. Give him a go I say one way or the other they will find out whether he belongs or not.

2. The Toss

I always believed if India won the toss and got to bat first it would be very hard for Australia to win the game, as Indias batsman would get the best of the pitch and their spinners would come into their own in the last innings. 

3. Brett Lee and Hayden

Their combined efforts in the game added up to virtually nothing. With young newcomers in the side the Australians needed the old guard to click and perform. These two are key players for the team as they set the standard for the entire innings both with batting and bowling.

Hayden sets the tone with his explosive and dominating batting style, while Lee does much the same when he leads the bowling attack. With the two failing the new guys like siddle had no one to follow.

4. Ponting and his leadership skills

Well I have never been a fan of ponting's leadership as whenever the team has been under pressure, he has usually cracked and made a few errors in judgement. When the team was not being able to stop indian batting line up, why then did he hand the ball to Hussey? Not Lee the front line bowler who was keen and eager, not clarke who's definitely a better bowler but Hussey.

The decision made by the Australians to attack completely and without much thought in the fourth innings well again not the best decision, I am sure Ponting being the captain had a hand in that too. In the Waugh era I doubt that would have been their approach. Ponting is a great batsman and is assured when he has the bat in his hand, he needs to bring that quality to his captaincy as well when underpressure

Anyways  according to me that's what went wrong for the Australians. Knowing them they will bounce back and play good hard cricket in Delhi, but i don't see them winning there as Delhi is a spinners paradise. Their best hope would be to try and salvage a draw and then take it from there.

This series is definitely one of the best in modern day cricket and is a showpiece, here's hoping it continues to be that and much more in the future.