WWE: Why Are We Fans of This Pro Wrestling Promotion?

Hamster EnigmaAnalyst IIIMay 29, 2011

We all know that the WWE is a business, and like any other business, they sometimes make decisions that makes the fans dumbfounded for not doing what we want to see.

We often criticize the WWE for making "stupid" mistakes, but even if we do, we still watch it on a weekly basis.

The question is "Why?"

Why do we keep watching the WWE even if we have some hate for it? Why do we watch it all the time? If we hate it so much, then why are we inclined to tune in weekly as if we were addicted to the product?

The answer is simple.

It's because we are fans. We are addicted.

Why else would we be posting and searching on the Internet about the WWE? Why else did we create our own wrestling community known as the IWC? Why else do we share our thoughts about the product online on sites such as Bleacher Report and the Enigmatic Generation of Wrestling? Why did we make a wrestling community in the first place?

It's because we care. We care about the wrestlers. We care about the product. We care about the business. We care and that's all that matters.

Or at least it matters to us, to others who believe in the stereotypical definition of wrestling being a 'fake' sport, it's obvious that they have a lack of respect for what these professionals do and risk every day as they put their bodies on the line in each and every match.

But for us fans, we love the product as if we live for it and as if wrestling were a part of our lifeline. We respect the wrestlers as if they had some special bond with us, and in some cases it's true.

For those wrestlers that we enjoy, we watch as they entertain us. For the wrestlers we hate, we enjoy seeing them being the victims of our pleasure.

Ever since we were first introduced to the WWE or as it was known then, the WWF, we have been sucked into it due to the aura of entertainment that it has presented us.

We watched as history was made right before our eyes. We watched as some truly gruesome moments came that were hard to watch. We watched as the company focused on a certain idea and it either lived up to expectations or failed to make an impact altogether. We watched as true superstars came and went.

Whatever move the company did next, we watched with anticipation because we were interested in the product that was being shown before us.

We watched with a passion because passion is what the performers showed every time that they stepped foot into an arena and we knew it. We knew that these people loved doing what they do and we showed it when we stood on our feet and screamed for them at the top of our lungs.

We showed it when we wrote down their name as if they were a celebrity because to us, they were. They were a celebrity who we loved to watch with utter joy or utter hate. We felt like true fans once we saw them, especially our favorites because we admired them.

But that is not the only reason why we love the WWE. We love it because it gives us something to talk about, whether it's about the storylines, the backstage antics, the botches, the stars, or the art of wrestling and entertainment as a whole, we always have something to talk about at the end of a show whether good or bad.

Even in the bad times of the WWE or the good times, we stand by it hoping that the purpose of the company is shown through wrestling and entertainment.

We stay to watch and be given a product that we feel is worth our time because we are fans. As fans, it's our duty to keep the product alive even when signs of life are hopeless because as fans, we make the product into what it is.

As fans, we keep the business running and without us, the passion will be lost.

The passion of a fan is what makes pro wrestling exist and it is what makes the impossible real.

The WWE provides us with what we give it. The more love we give, the more it gives back.

As fans, it is our duty to make the product exist.

We are the voice of the WWE and the WWE is made of the fans.