UFC 130 Results: Did Rampage Earn Himself Title Shot With Win Over Matt Hamill

Sal DeRose@@TheSalDeRoseCorrespondent IMay 28, 2011

Quinton "Rampage" Jackson came into this fight with Matt Hamill with a possible shot at UFC light heavyweight champion, Jon Jones.

But after an inability to finish a clearly hurt Hamill, did Rampage earn himself a title shot?

It wasn't clear cut but Rampage came in possibly battling Lyoto Machida for a shot at UFC gold. Machida was coming off an exciting UFC 129 crane kick victory over Randy Couture, and Rampage is now coming off of a lackluster victory over a man Jones tossed around like a six-year-old boy.

If the UFC wants to go the marketable route, after seeing both fighters last performance, the route to go is giving Machida the title shot.

Not only did Machida finish a tough opponent in Couture, he did it in excitable fashion and helped put a bad finish to Couture's great career.

Hamill was a good test for Rampage though, and if the UFC does decide to give Rampage the shot, Rampage is coming off of a fight where he stopped all 16 of Hamill's takedowns. Takedown defense is something Rampage will definitely need against Jones.

But here is the deal with facing Jones—he is a multi-dimensional fighter who can take the fight anywhere and have a really good chance at winning.

After seeing Rampage's inability to finish Hamill, does anybody really think Rampage would be able to not only get inside the reach of Jones and survive, but also do enough damage to hurt Jones?

Does Rampage even have a shot on the ground?

To me Machida is the next logical choice for Jones. You have a guy coming off of a big victory, and a guy who is elusive enough to possibly avoid Jones and be a nuisance.

It is a tough pick, but Machida deserves the nod against Jones.