WWE: Vince McMahon, Randy Orton Secretly Turning the Fans Against Christian

Richard TilleyContributor IIIMay 28, 2011

All right, so we all know the story. Christian, being the World Heavyweight Champion for only 2 days lost the championship to Randy Orton in a huge upset. At Over the Limit, Christian lost to Randy Orton again.

And finally, at this past Smackdown, Christian lost a No. 1 contender's match against Sheamus. Obviously Vince just wants Randy to be the top dog on Smackdown. Simple right?

Wrong. As it turns out, Vince and Randy want the fans to turn on Christian.

Why do I say this, you ask? Let's take a look at last Friday Night Smackdown. Randy Orton cost Christian's No. 1 contender match by distracting the referee. While this was all Mark Henry's fault (to take heat off of Randy) you can tell that Christian isn't done with Randy.

Here is for sure what will happen next Friday: Christian will interfere with Randy Orton's heavyweight title match with Sheamus. Whether this happens to cause Randy to lose his title or not, this is Vince's plan to turn the fans against Christian. But this needs some reasoning.

Here are the priorities of Vince:

1. John Cena

2. Randy Orton

Obviously, Randy wasn't happy with being on the same show the Cena and having to play second fiddle to him, so he was moved to Smackdown. Everything is cool, right?

Well, there was a problem, and both Vince and Randy noticed it: Christian was getting more and more popular, to a point where he would eventually surpass Randy.

We know how badly Randy can toy with someone's career. Ken Kennedy, Kofi Kingston, and Christian. If Randy wants something done, it will happen. So Vince and Randy only found one way to stop Christian's popularity from overcoming Randy's: Take the title away and turn him heel.

It's a surefire way to take someone's fan support away. There is no way Christian as a heel would be able to surpass Randy, who would be ticked if Vince let Christian take place as the No. 2 face in the company.

Now it all comes down to the intelligence of the fans. If they stay on Christian's side even after the heel turn, the things will come around and he'll get the championship and popularity very soon. If not, then Randy Orton wins again.

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