What Would Happen If It Was The UFC That Went Out Of Business?

Mike LeanzaAnalyst IOctober 21, 2008

By now we've all heard that Elite XC and ProElite have closed their doors. Big surprise right? Yeah, it was to me too. I'm sure just about nobody here really thinks this is a big deal. We're talking about the company that made an internet sensation with no MMA backround their main star. But just think, what if this would have happened to the UFC?

What would happen to the fighters?

The UFC is home to the best fighters in the world, or so they say, we know thats not entirely true. What we can't deny the UFC of is that it is the best MMA organization with the most credibility. Why is it so credible? It's fighters of course. The UFC homes the best LHW's in the world, the P4P best fighter in the world, and a stacked welterweight division that I consider the strongest in the world.

The best of these fighters are marketed by Dana White and the Zuffa team and would no doubt be snatched up at the first sign of shakiness amongst the organization. We'd probably see all of the former PRIDE stars go back to Japan, and the rest of the best would probably seek out the best payday, most likely Affliction or the still standing EliteXC.

What would happen to the undercard guys? Let me just tell you, their is absolutely no shame in fighting on the UFC undercard. Guys like Shane Carwin fight their and most of them are young guys with big upside, I'm sure just about all would find good homes. Preferably with Strikeforce or EliteXC where they might get some exposure on late-night NBC or Showtime. Now not all of the UFC undercard guys are great, but they all have done enough to catch the eye and money of Dana White.

What would happen to the fans?

This would be my worst nightmare come true. Honestly, I had a nightmare just last night about EliteXC dominating the MMA world and Jared Shaw beating out Mccain and Obama for President. Guess who his running mate was. Gasp, Kimbo Slice.

Time to get serious, what would happen to the fans? I for one would probably go to Las Vegas, find Dana White, take him to a 24 Hour Fitness and force him to bench 350 pounds to save his life. While he's gasping for air and my possy of over 1,000 MMA fans look on at their former savior, I would cry while everything went into slow motion and Lionel Richie's "Hello" starts to play over the sounds of Dana's screams and my sobbing. Whoa, sorry, I zoned out their for a second.

Think about it, it's either we all move to Japan, or we force ourselves to watch EliteXC and pony up $60 to watch Affliction. Hey, maybe then we'll see Fedor fight somebody good.(bring on the hate for that one)

What would happen to the sport of MMA?

Wow, I honestly couldn't imagine MMA being anywhere near as popular as it is today without the UFC. Lets not forget that it was TUF that sparked all the popularity in the states. I'll admit right now that I didn't know what MMA was until UFC 48. The first fight I remember watching on PPV was Mir/Silvia. The only reason me and my brother ordered this thing was because we were both wrestling fans and wanted to see Shamrock fight.

Think about the world of MMA if the UFC had never existed. PRIDE would still be around and would be the biggest organization in MMA. DREAM wouldn't be around because it was only created to fill the void of PRIDE. No Affliction because MMA isn't popular in the U.S. and their is no money to be made. That also means no EliteXC, Strikeforce, IFL, or King of the Cage.

You may be thinking that it is possible those things would still be around without the UFC, but I bet you wouldn't know about them. The UFC paved the way for MMA in the western hemisphere and without it this section of Bleacher Report would not exist. It would just be some crazy underground sport that will never be recognized by any state. It really puts all of the complaints you may have about the UFC or the cards they put together, because without the UFC, we'd be left with boxing.