Jokerswild Deals The Cards 10/21/08

JokersWildContributor IOctober 21, 2008

JOKERSWILD Deals The Cards 10/21/08 




        Time again to deal the cards to those who are deserving.


Well week seven is in the books and some great games were played.

The Ace—goes to Da Bears as much as I hate giving it to them being a Vikings fan  they deserve it for dropping 48 points on the Norseman.

The King—goes to The Patriots for stomping a mudhole into the Broncos dropping 41 points on them and only giving up seven.

The Queen—goes to the Steelers for beating the Benglals 38 to 10.

The Wild Card—goes to The Rams for smacking The Cowboys around and beating them 34 to 14.


The  Ace—goes to The Phillies and The Rays for winning their respective divisions and advancing to The World Series.

NCAA Football:

In this category I will deal the cards according to the strength of the opponent and only the top 25 teams qualify.

The Ace—you would think should go to USC -nope they beat who ? 1 and 6 Washington State.

The Ace—goes to Texas for beating MizzU 56 to 31.

The King—goes to TCU for beating a undefeated BYU 32 to 7

The Queen—goes to USU for stomping WSU 69 to nothing. USC is a strong team but they have to beat a better opponent to get a higher card.

The Wild Card—goes to The Buckeyes for beating a 5 and1 Michigan State 45 to 7 The Buckeyes have only given up 10 points in their last two games.


The Ace—goes to Jimmie Johnson for winning at Martinsville.

The King—goes to Dale Jr. For running a great race and coming in second.

The Queen—fittingly goes to Cousin Carl Edwards

And finally, The Wild Card—goes to Jeff Gordon.

Well that's how the cards were dealt this week stay tuned for more dealing next week.