WWE News: Updates on John Morrison and the WWE's Biggest-Name Injuries

Nate ScacciaAnalyst IIIJune 1, 2011

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In this article, I will provide updates on the WWE's injured superstars as well as their time frames for returning.


John Morrison

Injury: Pinched nerve in neck

Status: Underwent surgery earlier this month to correct the problem. Bone spur and fragments from his spinal discs were removed to fix the pain and numbness in his arm.

Due back: John Morrison could be back any time within 1-3 weeks, depending on his recovery time as well as the WWE's plans to return him to the R-Truth storyline.


Skip Sheffield

Injury: Broken left ankle

Status: He has recovered from his injury without complications.

Due Back: Sheffield been able to wrestle since early March. Expect him to be back very soon.



Injury: Broken shoulder

Status: Still recovering from surgery. He could be back in July or August, but he has stated that he "is not rushing the process" and is "not in a hurry to get back." (Thanks to sescoops.com for the article)

Due Back: Late summer 2011, or possibly early fall. He has been working "behind the scenes" with the WWE since April.



Injury: Torn MCL and ACL

Status: Underwent successful surgery last week. She is currently recovering.

Due Back: Layla should be back within 5-7 months; anywhere between Survivor Series to the Royal Rumble.


Alicia Fox

Injury: Dislocated or separated shoulder

Status: Was taking time off to relax the injury and has since returned

Due Back: Whenever she feels her injury has healed. Fox wrestled last week in a tag match, and should be able to have a one-on-one competition this week or the next.


Michelle McCool

Injury: Suffering from many different injuries, including a broken toe, torn joint capsules and a torn MCL. Thanks to pwsforums for the update.

Status: She is healing and is taking time off to be with Mark Calloway (The Undertaker).

Due Back: No time frame; she is taking as much time off as she needs. If she does return, then it might not be as a full-time wrestler.


That does it for this update. Mention any injuries I've forgotten in the comments section below.

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