Sergio Garcia and the Biggest Time Wasters/Attention Seekers in Golf

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Sergio Garcia and the Biggest Time Wasters/Attention Seekers in Golf
Hunter Martin/Getty Images

What does it mean to be a time waster in a sport?

Well, the simple answer is that it's eerily similar to being overrated, or over hyped.

The only difference is that when someone is overrated or over hyped, that is usually figured out pretty quickly.

Being a time waster is another step.  To be a time waster, you need to find a way to keep the attention on you no matter how good or how poorly you're performing.  Also, the attention paid to you shouldn't have much to do with any recent accomplishments.

For example, Ryan Leaf was overrated when he first got drafted. We didn't necessarily know how overrated he was, but he was quickly exposed.  Eventually, his poor performances stopped getting the attention.  Then, we looked at his locker room antics . On the field, he wasn't relevant.

That doesn't matter to a really good time waster, which Leaf was.

Golf doesn't have quite as many as other sports.  The reason is that being an individual sport, you can't blame anyone else for your failures and nobody can really take a lot of credit for your success.

So there isn't anyone out there just riding the coattails of more talented players.  Also, there isn't anyone out there who people could say "Just imagine how good this guy would be if he had some talent around him."

You either succeed or you don't.

Still, golf does have its participants who find ways to waste everyone's time.

Anyone associated with professional golf qualifies for this list.  They don't necessarily have to be a player, but I don't want to hear about the loudmouth at anyone's club.

Also, in this case, being a time-waster is mostly devoted to wasting time and energy away from your round. This is not listing the slowest golfers in the world, who can waste time, but in a different way.

Fortunately, this list is not longer.

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