WWE Weekly Wows/Duds for the Week of 5/22/2011

George NolanAnalyst IMay 28, 2011

WWE Weekly Wows/Duds for the Week of 5/22/2011

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    WWE Over the Limit proved to be quite the underwhelming PPV. With exception of a few notable moments, much of it just reeked of mediocrity. With Capitol Punishment set as the next PPV in four weeks, it gives the WWE more time to build up feuds if they learn to book them right. And so far it looks like some rivalries are beginning to brew on the free TV shows.

    For the week of May 22, 2011, I present to you fellow Bleachers my weekly wows and duds for the WWE.

Top 5 Wows of the Week

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    Let us begin with five highlights I found with the WWE this week.

5. Total Humiliation for Michael Cole

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    While the Michael Cole-Jerry Lawler match at Over the Limit was enough of a crapfest, the humiliation of Michael Cole that followed did make for enough of a treat.

    A moonsault from Eve, getting covered in barbeque sauce by Jim Ross and Bret Hart returning to Sharpshooter Cole into kissing Lawler's foot proved for a funny, and somewhat, disgusting segment.

    The humiliation even extended onto Raw and SmackDown, as Cole's commentating teams on both shows couldn't help but get pleasure out of embarrassing the guy. Cole, uncharacteristically, wasn't the loud-mouthed, self-absorbed announcer he had been for months.

    One has to wonder what the WWE has planned next for Cole, considering his feud with Lawler is finally done and over with. After building up the guy's character for months, I find it hard to believe they would mellow him out after the week of embarrassment he has been through.

4. Big Show's Leg Ran over by Car

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    I've heard some folks saying that Alberto Del Rio starting a feud with Big Show and Kane is lackluster, as it is only serving as filler by WWE Creative until Del Rio can start his feud with Cena towards Summerslam in a couple months.

    But so far, I am liking the buildup of the feud. Having Kane and Big Show's egos get the better of them by Del Rio on Raw did enough at hooking me in, considering the actions of the big men during Del Rio's mic segment at Over the Limit and leaning on his car at the start of Raw.

    The car rundown incident has potential at adding more heat towards Del Rio, as he could use it in promos to rip on Big Show/Kane and build up for a potential match at the next PPV.

    If the WWE builds up this storyline right, I'd be more interested in seeing what goes on with these men towards Capitol Punishment in the next few weeks.

3. The Miz Fires Alex Riley

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    After seeing what happened with Alex Riley and The Miz on Monday Night Raw, I have to wonder what WWE is now planning with the two men as they are no longer together.

    Alex finally gets a chance at showing what he can do on his own, and he showed it in a big way with his severe beating of Miz after being fired from his services to his former "mentor."

    As long as the WWE doesn't do anything to kill the momentum, and based on Riley's actions on Monday, I am quite interested in seeing what direction he will be going in next.

2. WWE Pays Tribute to Randy Savage

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    Glad to see the WWE decided to take some segments in focusing on the memory of Randy Savage throughout this week. The video tribute in this clip has been played throughout this week on WWE programming, so it speaks for itself.

    And I give kudos to CM Punk for his personal tributes to the Macho Man he made at Over the Limit and Raw with his ring attire.

1. World Heavyweight Title Match: Randy Orton vs Christian

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    This was easily the best match that I saw at Over the Limit on Sunday. Orton and Christian showed great chemistry in the ring with one another, as they pulled off a tight match where we saw the best out of the wrestling abilities of both men.

    I was taken by surprise at one point during the match when Randy went for a Reverse Boston Crab on Christian, as I don't normally see the guy make use of submission holds during his matches.

    There are some folks touting this match as a potential "Match of the Year" candidate, and considering how well these two men put over the crowd on Sunday and worked well with one another, it would be hard not to consider it a worthwhile one to check out.

Top 3 Duds of the Week

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    As this should come to no surprise with most folks, these three duds for the week all come from Over the Limit. Let's dig into the garbage from Sunday's PPV.

3. Michael Cole vs. Jerry Lawler

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    This should come as no surprise to folks who have been keeping up on my Wows/Duds section the past few weeks, as this has to do with their match.

    Essentially, the match was nothing but a squash, with Cole's cowardice taking play with him attempting to ditch the match with a doctor's excuse, Lawler having all offense throughout nearly the whole thing and Cole attempting to get Lawler at one point to kiss his foot in the brief moment he had control. 

    Thankfully, this appears to finally be the end of the war with the announcers and WWE can quit wasting segments on Raw each week focused on the bickering of those who aren't even active in the ring.

2. WWE Diva's Title Match with the Bellas and Kelly Kelly

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    Some of you have complained that I haven't covered the sloppy handling of the women's...I mean, Diva's division within the WWE for my Duds section. Let's take a look into said issues with the Divas Title match with Brie Bella and Kelly Kelly.

    The match went about no differently from what you would find in a typical match with the Bellas: One of them tries to beat foe in a match, they get battered by said foe, Bellas pull "Twin Magic" while ref is distracted, the fresh Bella wallops the foe to pull a win.

    The Bellas are a perfect example of the WWE's preference of hiring models with a pretty appearance who have little to no personality or ring ability for the fans to connect with. A number of Divas that have talent like Gail Kim and Beth Phoenix get little, if any, TV time, thus giving folks the perception that a Divas match is "toilet break" time.

    It looks like things with the Divas division will be going downhill again considering the news I've heard running around online of Kharma being written off WWE storylines due to her pregnancy.

    Unless WWE actually incorporates talented Divas to more TV time instead of the models they hire, then it won't come as any surprise to me or most other fans that a Divas match will become "toilet break" time, yet again.

1. WWE Title "I Quit" Match with John Cena vs. the Miz

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    The activity between John Cena and The Miz during their WWE Title match on Sunday was quite pitiful for me to see and it makes both men look pathetic.

    In the case of Miz, relying on Alex Riley's help throughout much of the match only made his ability in the ring look weak, as if he couldn't get the job done himself. It also wrecked the momentum he had built up throughout the past few months, being a legitimate threat to Cena without having to totally rely on Riley.

    In the case of Cena, he pulled his typical SuperCena act. After getting totally battered by enough weapons from Miz and Riley for much of the match, Cena suddenly rises back up like none of the damage happened and manhandles the two men.

    The WWE Title match made for a sour finish to a mostly underwhelming PPV, with the usual routine pulled by John Cena that he does in any significant matches.

    While I don't totally hate Cena, as he does have ring ability and has nowhere as much of a big ego as a certain older wrestler in TNA who doesn't know when to retire, WWE Creative and Vinnie Mac need to learn that molding Cena to be like Hogan in his younger days and constantly keeping him in the spotlight won't be doing any favors for their future talents.

    Cena and Randy Orton are currently the only two major faces that the WWE wants us to take notice of. If either of those two men were to get injured and/or the WWE doesn't do more to push its younger talent to the main event scene, then I see the company being in huge trouble at some point.

Reminder to Fellow Bleachers

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    With May in its final days, I plan on doing a monthly edition of the Wows/Duds sometime next week to highlight the best and worst of the WWE this month. Feel free to check it out when I complete it!

    Otherwise, feel free to comment on what I offered up for my weekly Wows and Duds.