RAW Recap 10/20/08 Or Don't Forget To Vote For The PPV You Won't Buy

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IOctober 21, 2008

The go home show for RAW finishes up and it's time to see if you're going to buy Cyber Sunday.

We open up this weeks show with a wrestling match.  It's about time RAW opened with a match.  Granted, it's a women's match with only one worker, but you have to be happy with what you get.

Kelly Kelly and Candice Michelle versus Jillian Hall and Katie Lea kicks off RAW.  Watching this made me notice that Kelly has stopped improving as a wrestler.  She seems to have become comfortable in her ability and hasn't pushed herself forward anymore.

Kelly goes for her back flip counter way too early in the match.  It was actually her second move, with the first move being the blocked kick that sets up the back flip.

Jillian Hall really didn't do much in this match and seemed like a wasted spot.  Katie Lea looked strong like always and I still think she and Beth Phoenix need to have a long feud for the Women's Championship that ends in a ladder match.

At this point, it should go without saying how bad Candice Michelle is at wrestling.  Botched moves, terrible pacing, and overall bad quality.  She needs to leave.

Kelly gets the win with her old finisher, the K2.  It looks like they're still pushing her for whatever reason.

Jericho is out and talks about how he gets no respect from anyone and demands it from the fans.  It was a great spot when he starts yelling at Lillian Garcia for not announcing him.

Batista comes out and says that the only way he would respect Jericho is if Jericho beat him at Cyber Sunday.  Adamle comes out and says that the two of them will be in a gauntlet match later.

This is how talking segments should be.  Second on the card and to the point.  Jericho did talk a little longer than he probably should have before Batista came out, but other than that, it was great.

JBL versus Stone Cold Steve Haastin is next.  Seems like they're really going for this feud now.  It also seems a few weeks too late now. 

As much fun as this gimmick is for Haas, these matches are entirely too short.  They don't show off what he can do.  It also would have been good to see Haas win with the Stunner.  JBL gets the win with a Clothesline From Hell.

Rey Mysterio versus Snitsky is up next.  Again, this match was way too short as well.  Snitsky gets the upper hand in the beginning but Rey eventually retaliates and takes him quick.

Snitsky has lost a lot of steam now.  He feuded with Kane a few years back and proved to be his equal, strength wise.  Are we to believe that Rey can put away Kane this fast as well?

The Miz and Morrison versus C.M. Punk and Kofi Kingston is at the top of the hour.  It's always good to see younger talent at this position as it shows that the WWE has faith in them.

Miz and Morrison open up by ragging on D-Generation X.  I can only assume it's because these two teams will be fighting at the 800th episode in a few weeks.

The match was pretty slow paced for these guys.  There were several good double team moves from both sides and everyone came off looking great.

The end was perfect as C.M. Punk goes for the Go To Sleep on Morrison, not realizing that Miz is the legal man. Miz gets the quick roll up on Punk.  This worked out great as Punk didn't lose any credibility by jobbing this way.

Adamle and Jericho are back stage.  Jericho says that he needs to be respected and Adamle says that's what he's doing.  Adamle states that if Jericho can get through all of these tests, than people will respect him.

I like this story.  It shows that Jericho is very self conscience and wants to be remembered as a good champion.  The only way for him to get that, is if people respect him.

Santino comes out wearing a hybrid outfit of Roddy Piper, Goldust, and the Honky Tonk Man.  He rags on his three possible opponents and causes Hacksaw Jim Duggan to come out.

They go back and forth trading insults before Santino hits Duggan with a guitar.  A piece comes flying back and hits Santino in the mouth causing a really cool look as his mouths drips blood.

This whole segment came off as boring.  Santino is usually very entertaining but I think that his character is starting to wear out his welcome.  The fans seem to still be behind it, so it's going to be awhile before he changes gimmicks.

Cryme Tyme versus Priceless is scheduled next.  Priceless ends up attacking Cryme Tyme before the bell and lays them out.  No promo was given afterwards.

This came off as very pointless.  Why waste time doing something like this when it could have gone to any other segment.  I know there's a possible match with these two teams at Cyber Sunday, but it was never advertised the entire night.  Even during this attack.  These two teams are losing steam and it sucks that one of them holds the tag titles.

The main event is the gauntlet match.  The way this works is Jericho and Batista will fight the same opponent.  I don't understand the point of this.  A gauntlet match is suppose to wear out the person going through the gauntlet and show just how tough they are.  With the two people fighting the same opponents, it just comes off as Adamle screwing over whoever has to fight twice in a row.

The first person out is William Regal.  He really should have done something with Jamie Noble tonight because he looked terrible in this match.  Not because of anything he did, but with how fast both Jericho and Batista put him away.

The second person is Mark Henry.  Jericho gets him self disqualified and Batista picks up the win with a spinebuster. 

The third person out is Kane.  Kane beats Jericho with a boot and Batista pins Kane with a spear.

This was a very pointless match.  The concept was terrible and came off bad.  I don't see how this is suppose to make anyone want to vote for a special guest referee on Sunday.  They should have saved something like this for a non gimmick match pay per view.

Overall, an alright show.  It could have been a lot better but it also could have been a lot worse.  Nothing really came out and said vote for the matches this Sunday.  They have two more shows to convince everyone.  I'm happy that Randy Orton didn't come out and waste more time.  My rating: C+