TUF 14: The UFC Made the Right Move Picking Mayhem Miller and Michael Bisping

Sal DeRoseCorrespondent IMay 27, 2011

Jason "Mayhem" Miller was set to make his return to the UFC this summer against Aaron Simpson. Well, the tides have changed and now Mayhem will face Michael Bisping, not only inside the Octagon, but also as coach on The Ultimate Fighter 14.

Now that Mayhem has stepped up to be the guy everyone will be cheering for come the coaches bout, the UFC made the right decision here.

After an average year of The Ultimate Fighter and a season that has seen ratings drop, the UFC has picked arguably the one of the best pairings in recent years.

Everyone wants Bisping to be shut up, and here is the opportunity of a lifetime for Mayhem. A win here catapults him inside the top 10 middleweights and can reintroduce him to those fans who only follow the UFC.

Mayhem is an exciting personality and his wit will surely get under the skin of Bisping, who doesn't take kindly to those who insult him. Hey, if Jorge Rivera can get to Bisping, how in the world will Bisping handle someone like Mayhem? If you've watched Mayhem's show, Bully Beatdown, you know how Mayhem can get.

After all, that's what makes the show successful. It is a reality show when you boil it down. A conflict between coaches and fighters is something that boosts ratings.

On top of the boost in ratings, it does give one good fight for whichever card they hold the coaches bout on. Mayhem isn't a fighter to be played around with, and Bisping will very well know that. Mayhem is a man who—with a little more time—nearly had beaten Jake Shields by submission.

Not only that, but Mayhem also has some pretty good Brazilian jiu-jitsu that could give Bisping fits on the ground.

By the time the two fight, Mayhem could be just over a year removed from his last fight—a first-round submission victory over Kazushi Sakuraba. 

All in all, this is the best move for the UFC, and I for one can't wait for the Mayhem that will be caused this season.

Yeah, awful pun intended.