Time To Look Ahead to The 2009 Season

Jesse AbelsonContributor IOctober 21, 2008


    With the 2008 season over, and a big success, the Twins are looking ahead to the 2009 season were they should be even better than this year. Here is what I think the Twins should do this off-season and what the 2009 lineup will be.

    First off, the Twins need to re-sign Nick Punto. He really came through this year playing stellar defense and batting very well.

    Next the Twins have to get some talent on the left side of the infield. Nick Punto is a great backup but should not be a starter for the Twins. The Twins have twenty-two year old third baseman Trevor Plouffe in AAA, but i do not think he is ready to come up just yet. We should not trade for a third baseman unless it is for Garrett Atkins. We also need a Shortstop so I say package Brenden Harris and Michael Cuddyer or Delmon Young to get a shortstop and a veteran reliever or pick up Alex Cintron in Free Agency. Last year he hit .286 with the Baltimore Orioles and has a carrier fielding % of .972 as a SS. Another Free agent option is Felipe Lopez of the St. Louis Cardinals. He would be a solid option at Shortstop for the Twins. He is a career .262 hitter and has a fielding % of .959 as a shortstop.

    Here is my predicted lineup for the Twins in 2009

C: Joe Mauer/ Mike Redmond

1B: Justin Morneau

2B: Alexi Casilla 

SS: Nick Punto/Free Agency

3B: Brian Buscher/Brenden Harris

LF: Delmon Young/Jason Kubel

CF: Carlos Gomes/Denard Span

RF: Michael Cuddyer/Denard Span

P: Scott Baker

Fransisco Liriano

Kevin Slowey

Glenn Perkins

Nick Blackburn


Relief Pitchers:

CP: Joe Nathan

LHP: Craig Breslow

LHP: Jose Mijares

RHP: Boof Bonser

RHP: Pat Neshek

RHP: Jesse Crain

RHP: Matt Guerrier

    That is my prediction for the 2009 Opening Roster. Lets hear your predictions