Tampa Bay Rays = Obama!

Johnny GarciaContributor IOctober 21, 2008

Tampa Bay Rays  Carl Crawford, David Price and Cliff Floyd greeted fans during a campaign rally for Democrat presidential candidate Barack Obama Monday, Oct. 20, 2008 in Tampa, Fla. It's refreshing to see all types of people show their spirit for this upcoming election. For the Obama campaign, it's nothing less than an honor to be supported by the new AL Champs. The Tampa Bay Rays' story is an unlikely one. This is similar to Obama's campaign itself. No one would have ever thought in a million years that we would see the Tampa Bay Rays in a world series, or even making the playoffs by that matter. There wasn't a person I knew that thought they would ever see another African American presidential candidate come this far. Well, for both of these cases, it's a Cinderella story and with every Cinderella story, there's always a happy ending.

Tampa Bay has literally come from the depths of the "abyss", to come and compete in the world series. Here's a team that had every possible issue going on; from the lack of decent pitching to their hitting. The Rays were a disaster just waiting to take place every season. There wasn't enough depth on the team and they just weren't winning any games. They had been in fourth place or worse for the previous four seasons. No one of course ever anticipated that the Rays were slowly but steadily building what would now be the next big team in the world series. With their wise investments they had built one of the best batting lineups and have put together one of the most effective pitching staffs baseball has seen in a while. From heavy hitters like Carlos Pena and Evan Longoria, to big-time pitchers like Scott Kazmir and James Shields; the Rays are stacked. Now, after all the disappointing seasons, Tampa fans finally have something to look forward to. The Rays have definitely moved up in the food chain and should expect anything at this point. The Phillies are were they are now for a reason but nothing can stand in the way of fate and destiny...

Like Obama, the Rays have persevered through the biggest odds imaginable, and their not planning on looking back now. Like Obama, the Rays came into this season with a certain agenda in mind. They rammed right through the "No Enter Zone" and have turned the tables on the affluence of the self proclaimed connoisseurs and statuesque altogether. Nothing stays the same forever. They have pulled off the impossible and not only made the playoffs, but have turned millions of heads by beating a Juggernaut team in the Boston Redsox. They've proven their critics wrong thus far. Now all that's left is that final round, and it's coming sooner than you think! This is the ultimate opportunity for the Rays to seal the deal. And as for the Obama campaign, they're looking to do the same. These are both very unlikely stories and people will remember this for a very long time. Both of these icons have come from nothing, to becoming something. They are a developed success, and although nothing is ever guaranteed in life, when something in history is meant to be, there isn't a force in this world that could stop it from happening.