Lewis Hamilton: Genius Pinnacle of Formula 1 Lays Failure Blame Elsewhere

Barry RosenbergContributor IIMay 27, 2011

Schumacher "blocking" Hamilton
Schumacher "blocking" HamiltonMark Thompson/Getty Images

Some people have been outraged that I deride Lewis Hamilton and wonder why that is, in view of his fabulous talent behind the wheel of a Formula One car. Well, to those readers who think I unfairly criticize the 2008 world champion, here are clear reasons.


Following the 2011 Spanish Grand Prix at Barcelona, Hamilton claimed that Michael Schumacher deliberately blocked his access to eventual-winner Sebastian Vettel. The basis for Hamilton's claim apparently is that Schumacher and Vettel are compatriot Germans and good friends, so Michael was intentionally helping Vettel.


Schumacher used logic to cast the accusation aside. He claims that he had no intentions at all, except to run his own race his own way. Michael drives for Mercedes. Hamilton's McLaren is powered by a Mercedes engine, and it is Mercedes to whom Michael Schumacher owes allegiance, not to Vettel's Renault-powered Red Bull.


Hamilton moved on to a second accusation, this time against Toro Rosso drivers Jaime Alguersuari and Sebastien Buemi, whose cars are powered by Ferrari engines. Lewis' claim against Toro Rosso (obviously Italian for Red Bull) was that the two teams, Red Bull and Toro Rosso, are linked, giving Alguersuari and Buemi reason to illegally hinder Hamilton's progress.


“Definitely there was some of that – all of a sudden moving in my way – which caused a bigger gap,” Hamilton whined. “I hope the stewards are aware of it.” 


This observer is confident that the stewards are aware that Hamilton's need to be the most important unit in Formula One is unsavoury to say the least. The Telegraph reports that Christian Horner, boss of Red Bull had a short response to Hamilton's accusation by saying “no way."


Speaking for Toro Rosso, a representative said: “The suggestion we would have held up any other car to favour a Red Bull is preposterous, and would never have happened.”


Casting manners and dignity aside, Hamilton reaffirmed his flawed character when he spoke ahead of the Monaco Grand Prix to claim that were he driving for Red Bull for 2011, he would be faster than Vettel is.


Additional arrogant comments are reported by Bild newspaper. Hamilton claims that he “works on a higher level” than Vettel, and that “the only one who can beat him is me.”


When interviewed by F1's official website, Vettel had this response: “I guess Lewis said it all. If that is what he thinks, that's fine with me.”


Now I can only wonder about the fans who think Hamilton is fabulous. He is, when driving an F1 car; but as a man, a person, he's a blight on intelligent society. If he would just shut up, he'd gain respect.