TNA Impact Wrestling, May 26: The Hits, the Misses and the "Who Knows?"

Bridget CampbellContributor IIIMay 27, 2011

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Last week Impact Wrestling announced a few matches for this weeks edition of Impact. One of them was the main event in RVD vs Kurt Angle and the other match was Styles and Daniels vs. Dreamer and Bully Ray.

With Slammiversary getting closer with every week I was hoping for a good build towards the PPV. With "Wrestling Matters" as the label for Impact Wrestling, I was hoping for a good wrestling show. But did it deliver? Regardless of whether wrestling matters there will always be Hits, Misses and What the Hell moments.



Styles/Daniels vs. Dreamer/Bully Ray

At first I wasn't fond of this match leading off the show, but after watching the rest of Impact I realized that this was a very good decision. Last week, Impact started with a talking segment, this week it started with a wrestling match.

Although it wasn't the most technical match, (it was a street fight) all four of the guys can put on a show. Styles as always shined but he did a good job in my opinion of playing up his neck injury. The pelee Styles hit was picture perfect not to mention the crossbody in the crowd was phenomenal. Although it was a short match, it was the perfect way to start off the show.


Build to Slammiversary

Could you have a better build to a PPV than what Impact delivered last night? First of all the Styles/Daniels feud with Dreamer/Bully Ray is getting more serious. The next segment built the Mr. Anderson feud with Sting. You get a little Knockouts action with Velvet and ODB.

Then the Angle and Jarrett feud was built up again. Steiner screwed Matt Morgan. The X Division boys are not going away. We found out Bobby Roode was hurt and they might have to forfeit their titles. Last but not least, Kazarian attacked Abyss backstage. Right here, you have 8 good feuds that can be presented to us as matches in some way at Slammiversary.




Anderson/Disco Inferno Segment

The segment got the point across but I think it was poorly done. Anderson hitting Disco with the mic was 100 percent predictable. What I didn't see coming was Anderson running from Sting. Well I guess I did see it coming, I was just hopping that Anderson wouldn't turn into a coward/normal heel.

On a side note, unless Sting had some of his old outfits from like 20 years ago, then the last two outfits were made just for this stupid part of the feud. Cost for the outfits and for a Disco inferno appearance is a waste of money to me.


Morgan vs. Jarrett

I personally don't like when there is an opportunity to put out a good match and Instead we get a predictable and low-quality match. It took a while to start because Jarrett had to help Karen and that was annoying.

Then Karen interfered and we thought the match was over but Morgan kicked out. A few minutes later Karen distracts the ref and Steiner lays Morgan out. Jarrett gets the win. The Steiner interruption should have been the only interference and just had the match end that way instead of the false finish first.


The Who Knows:

What the Hell is up with the Knockouts? Isn't Velvet supposed to be feuding with Angelina Love and Winter. They kind of just threw ODB in a feud with Velvet and we are expected to forget that the Angelina and Winter feud didn't have a conclusion.

I like when a feud ends because it has a conclusion not when it ends because they want someone to do something else.

What was the hype for the main event for? I get that it was the first time RVD faced Kurt Angle on Impact. What bothered me and made me say what the hell was that the match was maybe seven minutes according to my calculations.

The match was good don't get me wrong, but with all that hype I wish that they would've given this match time and gave it like 15 minutes. This match could've been great if it had more time.


Spot of the Night: AJ Styles' crossbody onto Dreamer in the crowd. AJ can fly and anytime he shows this off I get excited. The crossbody was perfect and definitely showed off his skills. Anything a WWE high flier can do, AJ can do better. He proved it with this spot.


Quote of the Night: "Why do you refer to yourself as an asshole when in reality you're just a dick." - Disco Inferno.

I just gave a quote of the night to Disco Inferno but it was a good one-liner. The crowd seemed to agree and started chanting "Dick" towards Anderson. Disco might be onto something.

This week of Impact was just OK for me. There were two good matches and then four mediocre matches. None of these matches went a great length which is a shame when you promote that wrestling matters.

Next week should have more build to Slammiversary and I have to say, I am getting excited. I loved the announcement of Destination X and we might get a build towards that before we even get to Slammiversary.

As always, thanks for reading and please leave a comment. I read all of them and like hearing different opinions because it gives me a chance to look at things in a different way. If you like this article be sure to check for next week's edition as this is a weekly article.