TNA Founder Jeff Jarrett Treats Wrestling Fans Like They're Stupid!

Tim ListAnalyst IOctober 21, 2008

In one of the most outlandish displays of insulting the intelligence of the audience by a part-owner of a company, TNA co-founder Jeff Jarrett has told THE SUN (UK) that Kurt Angle's comments about Jeff's deceased wife Jill were unauthorized and Jeff didn't know about them in advance.
Which, I guess, is why TNA ended the show the very next week with a moment where Angle told Jeff "tell your kids Daddy's not coming home after Bound For Glory," and the announcers played it up as shocking because it's reminiscent of what Jeff told the audience he told his three daughters, who Angle identified by name, when his wife was passing away in the hospital from cancer.
Jeff, whose father Jerry must be thrilled with Jeff calling him "the founder,"  told the Sun, "The Kurt Angle we hired two years ago and the guy we have under contract today are two different individuals. He’s gone through a lot of change, in and out of the ring.  For him to say that about Jill totally caught me by surprise. 

"I found him afterwards and said: ‘Kurt, you need to focus. You’re not hurting me. You’re not hurting my girls. You’re hurting yourself.' And that’s how I feel.  I knew my wife better than anybody. If there were anybody on this earth who could speak for her it’d be me. It wouldn’t bother her in the least.
“My girls didn’t watch it, they didn’t see it. As they age, if I have to sit down and talk to them about it I will. They’re growing up in this business and they understand it takes all kinds to make this business thrive. In reality it hurt only Kurt and the core of who he is. I feel sorry for the guy.”
Jeff incredulously added: “I did not know he was going to say that.  People will say it was post-produced or that this is just a storyline.  But as a promotion, I let the post-production guys make the call. I told them: ‘You can take that comment out or you can leave it in.’  I’m not going to micro-manage, I’ll let those guys do what they do best.”

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