CM Punk and 5 Things WWE Needs

Anthony Rizzuti@@Anthony_RizzutiSenior Analyst IIIJune 22, 2011

CM Punk and 5 Things WWE Needs

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    As many WWE fans have come to realize, the company is slowly slipping down the tubes. A new era has disgraced the name of wrestling entertainment and is turning many marks away.

    So what does the WWE have to do to be as exciting as it used to be?

    How does it challenge the times of Hogan, Michaels, Hart and Austin?

    Here are a handful of suggestions on how the company can win back its hardcore fans. It's time to stop throwing real marks a bone here and there and time to return to what made the WWE the iconic company it is regarded as today.

    (As you can see from the attached photo, The Miz girl isn't quite happy either).

5. CM Punk

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    As stated by the man himself, CM Punk's WWE contract is soon coming to an end. So what does the company do?

    They must try to retain him at any cost.

    Why? Because he's the best wrestler in the world not named Kurt Angle. 

    Punk is a refreshing alternative to guys like Cena and Orton for hardcore wrestling marks. He works great matches, he owns the microphone each time he touches it, and simply put—he's the total package.

    As we have witnessed, the Chicago product can excel as a babyface but is even better at the heel role. 

    The company can take an enormous step in the right direction if they re-sign CM Punk and pencil him the top of the card every PPV.

4. Titles Should Be Relevant Again

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    Does anyone remember when the Intercontinental Title meant something?

    Does anyone remember when there was an actual Tag Team division?

    What about when the Hardcore Title was in play for any wrestler in the locker room?

    Well the WWE has forgotten.

    Legends such as Macho Man Randy Savage, Bret Hart, and Shawn Michaels used to hold the Intercontinental strap at the primes of their careers. Now we have guys like Ezekiel Jackson and Santino Marella winning the title.

    And the days of the Hardys, the Dudleys, and Edge and Christian are far gone now that we are subject to random pairings for the Tag Team belts.

    Not only have these titles been held by unworthy competitors, but they are hardly fought for anymore. Wrestlemania XXVII contained only two title matches, the World Heavyweight strap and the WWE strap.

    WWE has entered an era where characters are no longer motivated by gold, but personal vendettas.

3. Jim Ross

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    Depending on how you look at this, bringing back Good Ol' JR is either a major move or a minor one. But for true wrestling marks, it would be a tremendous one.

    Hearing the voice of the WWE gracing the mic again would be extremely soothing for all fans eighteen and older.

    There is really no argument to be made here. But to otherwise strengthen it, how about this...

    Would you rather watch a slobberknocker or be forced to mute your televisions to the heel-tastic gimmick otherwise known as Michael Cole? 

    As long as Ross is willing to return, which he has stated, the company should bring him back.

2. More Variety

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    For what seems like an eternity, John Cena and Randy Orton have sat atop the company. Their "Breakfast Club" has reached new heights, seeing both guys dominate their respective brand with no end in sight.

    Cena and Orton account for nine of the last 14 WWE Champions and 14 of the last 28. 

    Isn't this becoming boring? Isn't this becoming much too predictable?

    More competitors have to be thrown into the mix. There needs to be more than just two faces running the show. We want The Miz, Christian, Del Rio, Sheamus, and Daniel Bryan staying relevant in the picture. (And eventually Zack Ryder...Woo, Woo, Woo.)

    Back in the Attitude Era, you had a plethora of wrestlers vying for the title. The Rock, Austin, Jericho, Taker, Triple H, Kane, and Kurt Angle just to name a few. What made that era so entertaining was its variety and unpredictability.

    And unfortunately for the company, the duo of Orton and Cena can't hold a candle to the duo of Austin and The Rock. Their characters may have been strikingly similar, but what Rocky and Stone Cold did for the WWE far surpasses anything the current top two dogs will ever dream of.

    Both Stone Cold and The Rock were extraordinary in and out of the ropes. They knew how to wrestle and knew how to work a crowd. 

    However, Cena isn't exactly the best wrestler and Randy Orton continues to drag around his robotic personality. 

1. A Move from the "PG Era"

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    No more blood, no more weapons, no more edginess.

    Welcome to the ominous PG Era.

    Where true wrestling marks are embarrassed to call themselves fans. Where 60 percent of the crowd wears Cena shirts. Where 80 percent of the crowd is composed of children 12 and under.

    This is why sales are up and ratings are down. The company now appeals to children and has gradually shut out its older viewers. The demographic is thinning and less and less people are watching.

    The PG Era is the total opposite of the ever-popular Attitude Era in multiple ways. Not only is the current era of the company play it safe to its viewers, but its completely predictable and seemingly boring. 

    The word "ass" is just as common in the WWE as a different champion. 

    There are no more bikini contests.

    There are very few hardcore based matches.

    The WWE is playing into children's audience and shunning its once loyal fanbase from the Attitude Era.

    What made that so successful? What made the WCW so successful before the millennium? What made the ECW so popular?