Phillies Vs Rays World Series: A Mets Fan's Perspective

Nick DeSilvioCorrespondent IOctober 21, 2008

Hello I'm the Angry New York Sports Fan, and I rant about it so you don't have to!

Alright so I'm walking around my college campus and what do I see? Countless numbers of front runners donning Tampa Bay Ray's caps. I guarantee you that 90% of them are Yankee fans that just have nothing better to do and praise the team that beat the Red Sox.

When the Yankees win you see nothing but pinstripe jerseys, but once they are eliminated it's always a jersey or cap of another team on their way to the World Series. This exact scenario happens every single year! It's not a coincidence!

I will give the Yankee fan's just a TINY bit credit though...Most of them did not succumb to the Red Sox. All of the little respect I had left for the Yankees would have went right down the drain if I saw that happen. Former NYC Mayor and huge Yankees fan Rudy  Giuliani actually wore a Red Sox cap in Boston when he was campaigning for president so I guess he's the only scab I've seen so far.

OK no more side tracking, I'm here to talk about this year's world series and how it is perceived from a Mets Fans point of view.

First off, I firmly believe the Mets were the BETTER Team. They SHOULD be in this position right now, but they aren't. The Phillies are a salt in the met's wounds which will never stop burning.

The fact that the Metropolitans choked away the division for two straight years in a row wouldn't have been that hard to swallow as long as the Phillie's kept getting embarrassed in the post season.

I remember saying "Hah! Win a playoff game first." To Phillie fans once they were gloating over their clinched division. Well now not only did they win a playoff game, they are four more away from taking home a World Championship to Philadelphia which has seen nothing but  sporting disasters after sporting disasters for nearly three decades. 

I was rooting for the Red Sox to rally back in the series and beat the Rays, and here's why:

1) It would have given them momentum to crush the Phillies.

2) Yankee fans would have been flipping out and I wouldn't have to see all these "Rays" caps all over school.

3) I just can't pull myself to root for the Rays.

Why can't I root for the Rays you ask? They are such a lovable team!


The New York Mets went out and spent millions of dollars in the off season. We got the best free agent pitcher available in Johan Santana, and we have all-star caliber players at shortstop, third base, and center field.

And yet here comes a team with the 29th lowest payroll that wins 97 games and makes it to the World Series, a place where I've strived to see my team again since they lost in 2000.

Also, as I mentioned before, I HATE frontrunners!!

That stadium has been a MORGUE for years, yet all in a sudden they get good and the stadium is packed every night and there's people 500 miles away wearing their caps!

Now don't get me wrong, the Mets have their share of front-runners when they do well, and I assure you I hate them all, but I remember when I was a kid growing up in the mid '90s, I would get TORTURED in school for wearing my Mets stuff to school! When the Yankee's won the world series in 1996, we had " Yankee day" where everyone got to dress down instead of wearing our uniform and show their Yankee pride.

Since I was a proud little Mets fan, I arrogantly go to school wearing a Mets jersey and took a God awful lot of abuse.

OK so I got a little off track in this article but here are my main points:

This world series SUCKS from a Mets fan's perspective. We can't laugh at Yankee fans by watching the Red Sox take another title, and we have to sit back and look on as the whole country watches our Rivals in Red, the Phillies, battle for the crown.

My prediction is that the Rays will come away with the championship in six games.

Watching the Phillies suffer may provide me with some interest in this world series actually now that I think about it...

I'm the Angry New York Sports Fan, and If you've managed to make it this far I'd like to thank you for reading and stay tuned for more articles.