Giants Prepare For Their Biggest Test This Season Against The Steelers.

Nick DeSilvioCorrespondent IOctober 21, 2008

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Hello, I'm the Angry New York Sports Fan, and I rant so you don't have to!


Two 5 and 1 teams will square off this Sunday in the Pittsburgh Steelers and the New York Football Giants. This game has tons of appeal, and is a must watch for any football fan.

Giants star wide receiver Plaxico Burress has been a major team distraction this season, acting similarly to former teammate Jeromy Shockey. This past Sunday against the 49ers, Plax committed a bone-head penalty causing coach Coughlin to bark at his player.

This week's game is critical to Burress's career as a Giant. He is facing his former team and should be very motivated to play. If he continues to act up, he'll find himself on another team before the 09 season begins.

Eli vs Big Ben. This is a big match-up of QBs, and Eli cannot afford to put up a bad game like he did against Cleveland if he wants to be considered on Big Ben's level.

The winner of this game will become a powerhouse in their respective conference. The Giants are facing a very tough schedule the next few weeks and cannot afford to begin that stretch with a poor effort this week. Nevertheless they are still the best team in the NFC and their division has not played to it's potential. (No one in the NFC east can beat the RAMS!!!! Are you kidding me!!!!!!!!!!)

Either way this is a big week for the Giants, but even if they lose, I have faith that they will be fine.

I don't like giving predictions, but I belive the Giants will pull this off. 28-24