UFC 130: Rampage Jackson, Matt Hamill and Other Lookalikes in MMA

Jonathan R.R. ClarkeContributor IIIMay 26, 2011

UFC 130: Rampage Jackson, Matt Hamill and Other Lookalikes in MMA

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    Now I am definitely not the best person for spotting lookalikes. My mum is forever saying "oh doesn't he look like blah blah blah" and, frankly, I don't see it. But this list consists of some of the most obvious and striking resemblances between some of the world's most famous fighters with some of the most famous celebrities.

    So, ladies and gentlemen, let's play spot the difference!

Keith Jardine and Bill Goldberg

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    Would you want to get into a fight with either of these two machines? No, didn't think so...not that you would know which one was pummeling your face in. If you get speared to the ground...it's the guy on the right.

Anderson Silva and Morpheus/Laurence Fishburne

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    This one I am most proud of. Anderson Silva would kick Morpheus straight back into reality if he were to star in The Matrix. Forget all of the fancy bullet dodging and slow-motion weaving, none of that stuff will get you out of the way of the Spider's front kick or flying knee. Ask Vitor Belfort...

Rich Franklin and Jim Carrey

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    Yep, probably the most famous lookalike in the UFC today. It is widely known that Rich Franklin holds a very striking resemblance to Jim Carrey. If Franklin wears a yellow suit and has a green mask on his face at his next fight, the opponent is in trouble...

Quinton Jackson and Flo-Rida

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    One of the most striking pair of twins comes in the form of UFC legend Rampage Jackson and Rap icon Flo-Rida. With a very muscular physique himself, maybe Flo should try his hand at replacing Rampage for his upcoming fight against Hamill...then again, maybe not.

Ben Henderson and Whoopi Goldberg

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    Honestly Ben...you really do.

    (So glad he doesn't know where I live)

Matt Hamill and Rocky Marciano

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    Boxing legend Rocky Marciano and UFC fighter Matt Hamill have more than their fighting careers in common after seeing these pictures side by side. If Hamill can land a 'Suzie Q' type punch against Rampage this Saturday, I think the Flo-Rida lookalike will be sleeping tight...

Brock Lesnar and Planet of the Apes Monkey Guy

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    I don't care what anyone says, they are brothers.

Bob Sapp and Ronnie Coleman and Bobby Lashley

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    We got a three-way lookalike here. All monstrously huge and scary guys. This is one three-way I would definitely not want to be involved in (take that whatever way you like, people).

Matt Hughes and Chuck Norris

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    I didn't see this one at first, but the more you look at these two, the more they seem to morph into one person. What a great fight this would be, although we would never be able to tell who actually won...

Dana White and the Guy out of Hitman

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    Anyone who has played the game or seen the movie (terrible by the way) will have already noticed the striking similarity between Agent 47 and UFC president Dana White. Just don't be getting suspicious when you see Dana sporting a bar code on the back of his neck, okay?

    I hope you have enjoyed reading this, as much as i enjoyed doing the research!

    Thank you once again for your attention people!