The Slipper Fits in Tampa Bay

Bobby CashContributor INovember 9, 2016

It's a classic case of overachieving.

A bunch of young talent comes together, plays together, and wins together, before they were supposed to. When David Price got Jed Lowrie to ground out to second Sunday night, the only thing the Rays had to worry about was not getting hurt in the dog pile.

They had completed quite possibly one of the greatest turnarounds in MLB history. What has been known for so long as the doldrums of the American League is now home to the American League champions.

We knew they would get there some day. I mean for God's sake it feels like they have had ten number one draft picks. Well, that youth and talent is finally showing up at the big league level.

What is scary is the talent they gave up over the course of their bad years. Imagine this line up with Delmon Young still in it, or Josh Hamilton! Obviously parting with Young gave them the shortstop and pitcher they had to add to make this team a contender but their development of talent has been nothing short of spectacular.

All that said, it's time to make my pick for the World Series. Many believe that this Fall Classic is going to be a snooze fest. And I am sure all the big wigs at Fox were praying for a Red Sox comeback. But I think this match-up is intriguing.

The Rays have the momentum and home field advantage, but the Phillies have the back end of the bullpen that could be the neutralizer.

I am going to stay on the bandwagon and take the Rays. The way they persevered against Boston to make it to the World Series proved to me that this team is no joke.

I think Cole Hamels comes out and wins game one for the Phillies, but in the end I'll take the Rays in seven. Their starting pitching is so deep and their offense is timely.

World Series MVP: Carlos Pena.

Now let's take a look at the picks from last weekend's football action.

A pretty solid day in the college ranks. Ole Miss, Ohio State, Georgia Tech, and Illinois all covered.

The only misses were Wisconsin, who was thrashed by Iowa's running attack and UNC, who blew it late against Virginia.

On the day: 4-2.

A crazy day in the NFL didn't bode well for my picks. The Chargers, Jets, and Cowboys all lost on the road while the lone pick that covered was the Browns, who blew a chance to win on the road but only lost by 3.

On the day: 1-3.

For the weekend we went 5-5 to keep the overall record even at 15-15 for the season. Some big games highlight the college weekend this Saturday, including the big game at the Horseshoe between Penn State and Ohio State.

Check back on Thursday for my picks, also on Thursday my picks for the Breeders' Cup which will be held Friday and Saturday October 24 and 25.