USC Violations Are Becoming Commonplace

Matt DeNicolaCorrespondent IFebruary 11, 2007

IconI am not sure about what to make of the newest potential USC recruiting violation.  My guy tells me that infractions - major or minor - happen every year, and perhaps all over the country.  But if that is true, all it does is sort of level the playing field.  So if USC is starting to have potential violations made public, my gut then tells me that things are far worse out in Exposition Park than they are at other schools.
A quick glance at ESPN will give you the latest: allegedly star, RB recruit Joe McKnight had some sort of phone interaction with former Trojan Reggie Bush, which would blatantly violate NCAA recruiting rules.  Watching the press conference, McKnight admitted on camera about talking with Bush.  The explanations and denials by Pete Carrol and McKnight's coach seem shaky at best.  
This latest issue is being investigated by USC officials, and it may seem minor.  But what about Reggie Bush.  It now seems all but proven that he accepted illegal benefits during his time at USC.  And what about Matt Leinart, who remember was actually declared ineligible for a brief time before the National Championship game at the Rose Bowl in 2006 for doing a promotional spot on ESPN.  Of course, he was reinstated for the game.  There were also allegations made that former Trojan and restaurant owner John Papadakis was interacting with a large group of 2006 USC recruits at his restaurant in LA.  This of course, on a couple of different accounts, would also be a violation.
It seems like all these minor violations are probably pointing to a much bigger problem, which may finally come out with the Reggie Bush debacle.  But why has there been no punishment for any of these players?  Leinart, after it being officially determined that he DID violate NCAA rules, was ineligible for a matter of days, missing no games (it was between the regular season and the bowl games) and no practices.  McKnight admitted to a violation, yet nothing has come of it.  Why is USC not being held accountable?