Max Mosley Sex Scandal: Someone in Motor Racing Set Me Up

Adam PooleAnalyst IOctober 21, 2008

The FIA President has vowed to seek out the individual who set him up in his sex scandal. Mosley was filmed and exposed as having a five hour sex orgy with five different prostitutes earlier this year.

The FIA boss has said that it is undoubtedly a setup by someone within the motor racing world and has said he will not stop until he finds out who is behind it.

"I think it's undoubtedly related to motor racing, it's just a question of whom," he told The Guardian. "I've got some shrewd ideas. I've got my eye on them, let's put it like that."

When the story was first leaked, Max Mosley sued the publication printer, The News of the World, for breach of privacy. He has since proved surprisingly open in detailing his fondness for sadomasochism.

Speaking about his interest in S&M, Mosley said, "It is an absurd thing to do, looked at in any rational way. But sex is absurd—it is a very strange, completely animal thing that's not fully understood. To anyone who's not into it, it's an absurd activity. Like, for example, being a transvestite is absurd to anybody who's not into it." 

He has admitted that he has been fond of S&M for 45 years and said "I've been extremely careful, I'd never got caught."

Mosley stands by the women that he was filmed with and says that they shouldn't be considered as prostitutes.

"First of all, all those women sometimes do what they did for nothing, just for the fun of it. And even with me, on at least two or three occasions, they've done it for nothing. It's what they do."

"Of course, they utterly resent the description of hooker because for them, that [sadomasochism] and sex are two different things. Clearly there's a sexual element, but there's a sexual element when an actress kisses an actor on screen, but she's not a prostitute."

"It's a different thing. To them, it's acting; sex is something different. So they don't see it as prostitution and I agree with them. The legal definition you could argue about, but morally they are not prostitutes."