Nuttcoming Week: Honoring Houston's Return to Arkansas

Double KAnalyst IOctober 20, 2008

The most anticipated game on the schedule is just days away. Ask most Hog fans before the season started which one game they wanted to win most—Ole Miss in a landslide.

If Houston Nutt comes into Fayetteville and hands it to the Hogs and Hog faithful, there will be some bitter people and a lot of Houston lovers coming out of the woodwork next week.

On the other hand, if the Razorbacks pull out a win against their former coach, Coach Petrino could get blown out by 100 points in every remaining game and still be in good graces with the Hog faithful.

Here's the one thing we'll all miss about Nutt: Has any coach been photoshopped and/or made fun of more than Coach Nutt in his final few seasons as head Hog? I don't think so.

Thus, in honor of Coach Nutt's return to the great state of Arkansas, and after much research, The Hog Tale proudly brings you our favorite 15 photoshopped photos of one Houston Dale Nutt.

No. 15

In honor of AC/DC's first studio album in eight years, "Black Ice" (released at Wal-Mart today), here is Angus Houston Nutt Young...

No. 14

Hey Houston, why so serious?

No. 13

The caption says it all...

No. 12

A Tecmo Bowl mind at its best...

No. 11

Baby Nutt on papa Broyles' shoulders.

No. 10

Pez anyone?

No. 9

Nutt and spin.

No. 8

Best buds, Nutt and Nolan.

No. 7

Riding the man who should have won the Heisman trophy last year.

No. 6

Hey ladies! Free mammograms for all!

No. 5

Coach B and Mini B.

No. 4

Loved it when Coach Nutt used to join the fans in the stands...

No. 3

Temporary employment before Ole Miss came calling...

No. 2

Broyles and Nutt have taken many classic photos over the years—none better than this one...

No. 1

And finally, there's just something about Houston.

Many thanks to the likes of BSticks, Chortle, DEVICEHIGH and others over at Hogville and around the internets for the images above. If you have some time, you can check out hundreds more over at