WWE's New Breed: Are the Mid Carders/WWE Creative Finally Stepping Up?

RiZESenior Writer IMay 26, 2011

WWE's New Breed: Are the Mid Carders/WWE Creative Finally Stepping Up?

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    Hello Bleacher Creatures. Before I start, I would like to inform you that this slide features *SPOILERS* from Friday Night Smackdown.

    The last four months have been consumed by mourning, retirements, and the same programming we’ve seen since WrestleMania 26. With John Cena and Randy Orton reigning as WWE and World Champions, numerous members of the Internet Wrestling Community have pleaded for the rise of new stars. With the successful (yet swift) pushes of Wade Barrett and Alberto Del Rio, the mere thought of a new era is somewhat of a commodity.

    The subsequent title losses of The Miz and Christian are great from a business standpoint. For the IWC, it’s like reliving the past four years over again, except that Smackdown is no longer a worthy alternative. Simply put, Smackdown will become RAW’s not so appealing twin sister.

    The IWC does consist mostly of hardcore pro wrestling fans and it’s no secret that John Cena and Randy Orton are two of the most disliked individuals. One thing we can’t deny is that we’re only a small portion of the WWE fan base as it's normal for casual fans to love a Randy Orton or John Cena.

    It’s no secret that we admire mid carders exceptionally more than the top Superstars.

    If so, this has been a week of rebirth for the WWE and IWC. We’ve said it for months.  

    The winds of change are blowing.

    It finally seems like the WWE is planning the rise of multiple top tier mid carders. Let’s take a look at some of the newer stars and the events of this week.

Finally, Alex Riley's Face Turn

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    In case you missed it, the WWE began planting seeds for this feud in January. John Morrison won a ladder match at WWE TLC for the number one contendership. In a backstage segment, Morrison agreed to place his title match on the line in exchange for picking the time and type of match the two would have. Morrison needed only to defeat Alex Riley in a singles match.

    Unsurprisingly, John Morrison defeated Riley and it started a trend that went unnoticed by most for weeks.

    Backstage, The Miz yelled at Riley for losing the match. Surprisingly, Riley responded but was quickly put in his place by his mentor. The impending WrestleMania match with John Cena abruptly took the spotlight from the small altercation. As of late, The Miz had grown extremely frustrated with Riley and his mistakes.

    In Miz’s opinion, Riley cost him the WWE Championship on three occasions.

    This past Monday on RAW, the simmering altercations reached a boiling point when Miz fired Riley and began physically imposing himself on his former employee. To the shock of the live audience, Alex quickly retaliated and administered the worst beating of Miz’s career.

    The fans joined together for a Riley chant as Miz’s former lacky looked to have released some pent up aggression.

    My take: Since his debut, I’ve considered Alex Riley a superior to his mentor. Alex possesses the charisma, stage presence, and wrestling ability to take him to the main event card.  With proper booking, the WWE can take this feud to the next level. With Riley on Smackdown and Miz on RAW, the WWE could’ve sparked and extinguished this feud on RAW.

    The Miz is one of the WWE’s biggest heels at the moment. If he were to put Riley over, it would do wonders for Riley’s run as a face and establish a main event star at the same time. Del Rio and Wade Barrett accomplished it.

    Why can’t Alex Riley?

New King of Comedy? John Morrison Eliminating His BIGGEST Flaw?

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    A few weeks ago, RAW Superstar John Morrison underwent minor neck surgery. In the midst of a scorching feud with R-Truth, Morrison was undergoing numbness and pain in his left arm. It was later announced that Morrison was suffering from a pinched nerve in his neck. Morrison’s surgery would prevent any in-ring matches for four to six weeks.

    In the mean time, R-Truth has sparked a new feud with Rey Mysterio.

    You would think Morrison would spend most of his time out rehabbing and resting at home but this is not the case.  The Prince of Parkour has decided to use his time to correct one of his major flaws.  Comedy Coach, Judy Carter, who specializes in stand up or corporate routines, recently posted a blog on Morrison hiring her as his coach.

    A small portion from Carter's post:

    This morning, I walked into my office to find an extremely handsome, massively muscled and intimidating young man sitting in my waiting room. Now, being a coach of stand-up comics and corporate speakers, none of which are known for their rippling muscles, I was half-convinced I'd walked into the wrong office. But no, this pro-wrestler was actually looking for me. His name was John Morrison and he was on a mission. He wanted to be funnier in the ring, funnier in interviews and he was looking to jumpstart a speaking career.”

    Love him or hate him, this is a tremendous show of effort on Morrison’s part. It’s no secret that Morrison is considered one of the worst mic workers in the WWE today. Morrison routinely attempts to muster up a small form of crowd reaction with the “PG” jokes.

    But to no avail, of course.

    There’s no telling if this class will work for Morrison, but if he perfects it, there’s no reason he couldn't be a main eventer in the near future.

    My take: Finally!

    To read Carter’s full blog, visit http://social.comedyworkshops.com/profiles/blogs/from-wrestling-to-speaking

*SPOILER ALERT* Daniel Bryan Finally Back on the Scene

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    Arguably the best wrestler in the world today, Daniel Bryan has certainly been on the wrong side of things as of late. Since the end of his feud with Miz, the grappler hasn’t received a solid angle or direction from WWE Creative. Bryan had a great run as the U.S. Champion and wrestled some of the best matches of 2010.

    Things finally fell apart after Bryan lost his U.S. Championship to Sheamus.

    Bryan was snubbed out of a WrestleMania rematch and was placed into a “filler” or “hired help” role as of late. A draft to SmackDown was seemingly going to fix his problems and set Bryan on track to become a major player in the WWE. Instead, Bryan would lose more matches to Sheamus and showed no push anytime soon.

    On this week’s upcoming episode of SmackDown, Bryan wrestled Cody Rhodes in his home town. Bryan entered to a huge pop from his home audience. The real shocker was that Bryan defeated Rhodes with the Lebell Lock. Cody would attack Bryan after the match and place a paper bag over his head.

    Being that Rhodes is supposed to be SmackDown’s next big thing, Bryan’s win over Cody may’ve cemented a upcoming feud for the two. Let’s face it: with Randy Orton occupied with Christian, Sheamus, and Mark Henry, Rhodes and Daniel Bryan were two lone stars on SmackDown. Cody will undoubtedly feud with Orton down the line while Bryan is a wrestler in need of a solid feud.

    Imagine the match quality of these two.

    The IWC’s love child may’ve finally found a rightful opponent.

    My take: I hope the WWE didn’t create this segment just to please Bryan’s hometown.

Back to Blonde: Dolph Ziggler Drops the Generic

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    Throughout his tenure on SmackDown, Dolph Ziggler was known for his bleached blonde hair. Ziggler was taken to new heights with Vicky Guerrero as his manager. The Superstar held the Intercontinental Title for months before dropping it to Kofi Kingston. The same night, Ziggler won a fatal four-way match to become the number one contender for the World Championship.

    Despite numerous matches with Edge, Ziggler couldn’t get the job done.

    After Edge illegally used the spear, Vickie stripped Edge of the World Championship and awarded it to Dolph later in the night. Dolph’s reign would last only minutes as Edge was reinstated by the returning Teddy Long and quickly regained his Championship with a spear.

    Teddy Long fired Ziggler and he was moved to RAW.

    A few weeks after WrestleMania 27, Ziggler was branded new and improved by Vickie Guerrero. Ziggler entered with a new haircut with his bleached blonde look now a brunette.  Dolph has had numerous matches since but was labeled generic by most of the IWC.

    But have no fear, the blonde is here.

    After a match between Kofi Kingston and Drew McIntyre, Dolph and Vickie looked on as Ziggler’s hair had been re-bleached. Dolph will seemingly return to a title feud with Kofi Kingston in the near future while I believe Ziggler will take on WWE Champion, John Cena down the road.

    My take: We like the old Ziggler. Thanks for misplacing the new and improved one.

Dark Horse: Seemingly on the Rise

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    The following are guys who are seemingly on the move while history has taught us it could end at any moment. With that being said, I’ll monitor the progress on each as the weeks pass.

    Kofi Kingston: The Ghanaian Superstar has lost only to CM Punk since returning to RAW. Kofi is the U.S. Champion and looks to be on his way to another feud with Dolph Ziggler.

    Evan Bourne and Jack Swagger: These two wrestled an OK match this past Monday. It certainly is refreshing to see Swagger without Michael Cole leading him on. After Swagger won, Bourne kicked Swagger in the mouth. By the way the commentators reacted to it, it seems Swagger and Bourne haven’t seen the last of each other.

    Ted Dibiase: Wrestled dark match this week.

    Drew McIntyre: Pyro has been added to Drew's entrance. He nearly defeated Kofi Kingston this Monday, but the big story is his impending divorce. Maybe Drew should fix the things in his personal life and come back better than ever.

    Tyson Kidd: Big things planned for this kid.

    Wade Barrett and Ezekiel Jackson: These two will undoubtedly continue their feud until the next pay per view.