QB Quagmire

Sean KellyContributor IOctober 20, 2008

Well - now that the inevitable Brodie injury has occurred - it is time to figure out what do do next.  what do the Chiefs do at quarterback?  If you are looking for something big to happen... you'll be disappointed.  For 2008 they should just limp along with Thigpen.  Sure, when Huard heals, he could win a couple of games... but as we saw in Carolina... the "solid" Huard is not guaranteed and, honestly, we don't learn anything from watching him play QB.  That leaves Tyler Thigpen and Ingle Martin. However, according to HC Herm Edwards, Ingle Martin isn't ready to play after spending 6 weeks in KC's camp. Not a quick learner, eh?

I know that there is talk of picking up another QB... but how much have things changed (in the QB market) since we picked up Ingle Martin?  Are we going to wrestle the remote out of Daunte Culpepper's hands?  Former Kentucky Wildcat Andre Woodson and former Boise State Bronco Jared Zambransky are not with a team.  Getting a retread is a possibility... some options include: Trent Dilfer, Chris Wenke, Tim "Yes that's my wife" Hasselbeck, or Kelly Holcomb.  Not very promising.

That leaves Tyler Thigpen.  Thigpen holds every QB record at Coastal Carolina.  Awesome!  Well until you find out that Coastal Carolina started their football program in 2003 and Thigpen was their first QB.  Much like 2007 when the Chiefs limped through with Broke Down Croyle... We're gonna limp through 2008 with Thigpen and Martin.

What about the 2009 draft?   Well, 2009 is the last year in Carl Peterson's contract and probably in his career at KC.  The same goes for Herm.  Therefore don't expect a QB selection on the first day... They only have one year to show some progress or finalize their "legacy"... so expect the Chiefs to pick up some journeyman at the helm ala Trent Green and Damon Huard. 

The good news is we still have plenty of holes to fill... so our day one picks will not go to waste.  We need to fill out the right side of our Off. line - Jones and MacIntosh have to go.  It is too early to evaluate the rookie D players... but its safe to say we could use another player in all three areas... a replacement for Donnie Edwards, another for Patrick Surtain, and another player or two for the def. line.

After suffering through another dizmal season in 2009, and after we put Carl and Herm to pasture, only then can we try to build upon a top flight QB.  Now, I understand that drafting a QB isn't an exact science... but we have to do better than Peterson has in the last 20 years.  Look at his record:

Pick          Player (School)  -  Missed QB opportunity? (# of picks later)

Rd 2 1989  Mike Elkins (Wake Forest) - Rodney Peete, Southern Cal (109)

Rd 2 1992  Matt Blundin (Virginia) - Jeff Blake, East Carolina (126)

Rd 7 1994  Shane Matthews (Memphis) - Kurt Warner, Northern Iowa (undrafted)

Rd 4 1995  Steve Stenstrom (Stanford) - Kelly Holcomb, Middle Tenn. St. (undrafted)

Rd 4 1997  Pat Barnes (California) - Jake Delhomme, UL Lafayette (undrafted)

Rd 7 2005  James Killian (Tulsa) - Matt Cassel, Southern Cal (1)

Rd 3 2006  Brodie Croyle (Alabama) - Bruce Gradkowski, Toledo (109)

                                                  DJ Shockley, Georgia (138)

Look I understand that hindsight is 20/20 and I'm not saying that the guys on the right hand side are Pro Bowlers... but just compare the two names in each draft.  And ask couldn't Carl get one of these right?  If you go along with me on this then I won't have to list all the Sylvester Morris/Junior Saivii/Ryan Sims picks.